How SOLIDWORKS Certification is Helping Students Inside and Outside of the Classroom

For mechanical engineering and design students, mastering CAD software is non-negotiable. As early as senior year in high school, students are introduced to 3D modeling so they can go directly from college into a six-figure position upon graduation. 

Aside from a college degree, the primary way for students to prove their proficiency with CAD software is with a SOLIDWORKS Certification. This is a student’s proof to an employer that the student can walk in and not require hours of basic training; they will be productive on the job from day one. SOLIDWORKS Certifications come in three basic levels – each with a different set of skills to master. 

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Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate

While there are many ways to learn computer-aided design and engineering software, SOLIDWORKS is an industry-standard application. Many states and even an entire country have made SOLIDWORKS Certifications a requirement for engineering students. However, students don’t take the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CWSA) exam at the beginning of their studies. Starting the certification process requires at least six to nine months of daily, hands-on use of SOLIDWORKS. The three-hour test for a CSWA is practical, covering design concepts including sustainable design, 3D modeling, and a foundational understanding of the basic tools required to create and edit parts and assemblies.  

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional

The Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) exam covers intermediate and advanced techniques used in CAD software. It requires an understanding of the full suite of SOLIDWORKS’ features and an understanding of using equations in 3D modeling, creating configurations with design tables, and using collision and interference detection for assemblies. Engineering CAD professionals can prove their skill and receive an industry-recognized credential by passing the SOLIDWORKS Professional certification exam – proof of their design expertise and thorough work ethic. Plenty of specialized certifications exist, including mold making, sheet metal, and weldments. 

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Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert

The Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) certification exam can only be taken after the CSWP is earned and the student has taken four of the five available individual topic exams. There is no specific practice test that the student can study to prepare for this exam. Instead, the student has to be ready for anything and everything that could be thrown at them. Only 2% of people with a SOLIDWORKS Certification have achieved the CSWE level. SOLIDWORKS mechanical design certification is one of the most sought-after credentials for CAD professionals. So, while SOLIDWORKS certification may not guarantee a job, it will guarantee an interview. Your superior skills will do the rest! 

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