Simulators Correlate to Real World Success for Students

It used to be that there was no match for real-world experience. Students training to operate forklifts or excavators would just have to try onsite for the first time after reading about a situation in a book, at a great safety risk to all involved. Now, companies like Simlog are able to offer training experiences that give students a much greater chance at success in achieving operator certification. 


What is a Heavy Equipment Operator Simulator?

It’s not just cool technology for a video game. Heavy equipment operator simulators are powerful training tools to prepare students to work in the real world. The setup mimics actual heavy machinery – joysticks and levers, pedals, and steering wheels – not just using computer or mouse controls. The simulators offer training scenarios set in transportation service centers, construction sites, factories, distribution centers, warehouses, and any other places where forklifts, excavators, or other such equipment might be used. Instructional features are typically embedded within the situation, and there are ample opportunities to measure skills growth and get constructive feedback. The learning experience is guided by a simulator and works best in tandem with an experienced instructor. 


What are the Benefits of using these Excavator Simulator Controls?

With the cost and safety risk of testing on real equipment removed, the benefits of heavy equipment simulators become clear. For one, students are able to train for new and varied scenarios that could not be emulated in the real world. In addition, students can tailor the simulator experience to their needs – completing a greater variety of tasks or completing fewer tasks over and over until perfected. A great benefit for both students and instructors is to remove the safety risks inherent in having inexperienced hands operate potentially dangerous equipment. And, the student is able to train as much as possible with less economic cost to the organization. This process has been shown to produce trainees who are safer starting out when they move to the real-world environment. 


Is This Correlated to Real-World Success?

In a word, yes! Studies like this one are showing a strong connection between student performance in a simulator and student performance in a machine. No simulator can give you common sense, a good disposition, and a great work ethic, but all the other skills of an excellent heavy machinery operator are covered. 

Simulators’ efficacy in preparing students for the real world has already been recognized by correctional facilities, vocational training programs, technical schools, and universities that are already utilizing Simlog training simulators in their programs. All of this training results in the ultimate goal of turning students into equipment operators who can work productively while working efficiently and safely. 

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