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At Technical Training Aids, we don’t just see our job as providing career training tools to schools around the country. We also see it as equipping educators with the equipment, curriculums, support, and resources to strengthen their students in the skills they need to excel. Because of this, we always love to hear about students succeeding through these career readiness products. 

Bryan Serrano, a Computer Science Masters student at the University of Central Florida, was recently interviewed by SOLIDWORKS for his exceptional role in the SOLIDWORKS Student Leader program. We wanted to share some of his story and one of our instructors’ experiences in teaching Bryan! 


An Introduction to SOLIDWORKS

Bryan was first introduced to SOLIDWORKS in 2014 during an engineering course he took in high school. 

As he told us, “My school, Miami Lakes Educational Center, had a technical program for engineering that became well known for having certified some of the world’s youngest Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) recipients. SOLIDWORKS was incredibly easy to use and gave students a great sense of empowerment upon learning it, as these students felt they could bring any of their ideas to life.”

Students who have an early introduction to design software and 3D printing have the unique opportunity to innovate and problem solve in ways that reflect what STEM industries are all about. Bryan used his SOLIDWORKS knowledge on his first day at UCF.

“I used [my previous knowledge] for every project I needed to use SOLIDWORKS for at UCF,” said Bryan. “I used the SOLIDWORKS Student License to design components for additive manufacturing. I regularly used SOLIDWORKS Simulation for static analysis to ensure my 3D-Printed designs were well optimized for their purposes.”

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Student-Led SOLIDWORKS Education

At UCF, professors focused more on theories behind several areas of engineering, rather than the engineering tools, such as SOLIDWORKS. Bryan saw a need for freshmen and sophomore students to get CAD experience, including access to Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)/Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) certifications, specialty exams, training, and certification vouchers at no cost.

As Bryan explained, “I had the idea of making an organization that strictly focused on teaching SOLIDWORKS to students. At first, it truly seemed like a daunting task, and I constantly doubted myself, thinking that I would not be qualified to teach others. However, I built the bridge as I went, developed my skills as a leader, and built a team that could tackle this challenge.” 

After he organized his team, Bryan said, “I reached out to SOLIDWORKS with my plan to teach the software through a student-led course, with a reach of 600-plus students a year in the underclassmen Engineering courses at UCF. Shortly afterward, I received full support from the [SOLIDWORKS] education team, including CSWA/CSWP certifications, specialty exam vouchers, and educational resources to build the curriculum for all exams.”

Since then, the program has been able to certify more than 100 students at UCF with CSWA/CSWP and specialty exams. During Bryan’s last semester as the UCF SOLIDWORKS Student Leader Program leader, they had 50-plus students in attendance at the biweekly meetings.

Paul Kynerd, a Cambridge Engineering Instructor at Miami Lakes Educational Center, where Bryan attended high school, says he saw this potential for leadership in Bryan from the beginning. He is not surprised to hear the great things he has done for his fellow students. We reached out to him for a quote about Bryan. 

“When Bryan was my student,” said Paul in his email response, “he was focused initially upon the automotive field. Through SOLIDWORKS, he was able to pursue his passion and advance in life to a position of leadership. Brian’s positive mindset has always been a critical component of his SUCCESS!”


How Bryan Connected with the Student Leader Program

The SOLIDWORKS Student Leader Program provided assistance that was key in allowing Bryan to start his student-led education initiative. “During the process of brainstorming our involvement with the program,” he recalled, “I reached out to several students to gauge their interest and collaborate to make their ideas a reality. One of these students had previously known about the SOLIDWORKS Student Leader Program in its early phases, and he immediately referred me to the program lead so that we could take it further.”

Bryan met with the program lead and got a positive response. “The program promised exactly what I was looking for and sought to mentor those who were willing to put in the effort to foster SOLIDWORKS communities on university campuses – it was the perfect connection. Afterward, they were able to fully supply all certification vouchers, connect me to SOLIDWORKS professionals, and most importantly, give me mentorship to enable me to achieve my goals and continue giving back to fellow students.”


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SOLIDWORKS for Your School

SOLIDWORKS has various products and tools that can help your students gain early access to the tools and technologies they will see in their careers, as well as those featured in continuing education programs. Learn more about the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE® here! 

Additionally, having a support system in place is irreplaceable when dealing with these complex products. TTA is your local Preferred Education Provider for SOLIDWORKS. 

Our team has been partnered with SOLIDWORKS for years, and with our knowledge of the products and curriculum, we can confidently make recommendations for your school! You will have access to a local representative who will walk you through the entire process and always be available to answer any questions. 

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