Why 3D Printing is Important for Career Paths Outside of College

Learning 3D printing isn’t just a theoretical exercise. It’s going to become a vitally important skill in the future as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution — the switch from analog to digital. Led by the disruptive technology of 3D printing, nearly every industry will be impacted by this revolution. Cutting the tether to overseas manufacturing processes, 3D printing will shorten the supply chain as it creates ways to manufacture products anytime and anywhere. The leaders of the future will be the first to embrace 3D printing today. It will change the way products are made – creating a direct line between ideas and physical reality.

But how will this impact your students?

Early Adopters of 3D Printing

There is a lack of technically skilled workers across all industries at all levels. In addition, due to the fast-paced nature of technological growth, a worker’s technical skills can become outdated in as little as two years. 3D printing education is starting to become more common to fill this gap, but growth in career paths in 3D printing continues to outpace the classroom.

The many applications of additive manufacturing will shift the global economy, not just in manufacturing, but in art & design, business, the legal profession, robotics & AI, healthcare, architecture, construction, research and development, to name a few, not to mention the myriad applications in product development. That is why 3D printing education is important, not just in college but in almost all future career paths.

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Turning Students Into Future Leaders

As our reliance on 3D printing grows, the landscape will be completely different for job seekers. There will emerge a 3D printing ecosystem where students of this technology become more ubiquitous, feeding the job market that spurs the industry growth that creates more students of 3D printing. Even if your students aren’t sure what they will choose to have a career in, 3D printing is sure to be a part of it, as additive manufacturing will shape all future jobs.

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In addition to the 3D printing itself, the skills acquired in the processes of learning, troubleshooting, and creating designs will help students gain confidence to solve future real-world problems. Our future leaders are in classrooms right now, learning the 3D printing that will become a critical part of our world tomorrow.

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