Top 5 STEM Training Tools for Your Classroom

STEM curriculum can seem intimidating. If you have the right tools to take STEM off the page and into the real world, though, it can be a transformative experience. There are hundreds of STEM teaching aids on the market at various price ranges. 

Each level of education has different needs based on cognitive abilities, but there is a STEM training tool for everyone. In fact, the real training “tools” will be the intangibles you are giving your students – exposure to new ideas, curiosity about the world, the application of abstract concepts, preparation for future careers, and a sense of accomplishment about their abilities. 


Starting in elementary and middle school, students are able to learn deep foundational concepts of STEM through simplistic applications. STEM activity kits can be bought, such as Lego kits, and others can simply be made of popsicle sticks, paper cups, and Play-Doh. These STEM training tools will have students understanding basic design challenges at an early age. 

When it can’t be modeled physically, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming two STEM technologies used to teach from kindergarten to graduate school. With AR, for example, students can view a life-sized projection of a detailed animal cell diagram, zooming in to see how the structures are interrelated, instead of a photocopied illustration. And with VR, students are transported to a remote destination or historical era with programs like Google Expedition.

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Robotics kits are an excellent avenue for sparking curiosity in the classroom. Not only are students manipulating parts in the real world to reach a goal, but they’re also learning to program and control the robots. They’re not just basic robots, either. There are robotics kits to create flying drones, robotic racers, and more. 

Students get to do something they love while also laying the foundation for programming and engineering skills in the future. Curiosity and engagement can be two of the most important drives to foster in students to ensure a lifetime of learning.


One of the best STEM training tools for the classroom is a 3D printer. With the next industrial revolution looming, your students can gain important skills that lead to high-demand careers, by giving them the basics of 3D Printing education. Additive manufacturing has applications across disciplines that can be tailored to your needs, each one igniting the imagination and creativity of students. 

It’s also one of the best STEM training tools to show how the skills students are learning in the classroom can be applied in the real world. Hard skills such as design, product iteration, and machine maintenance are learned, as well as soft skills like perseverance and resourcefulness.

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For older students, preparation for real-world careers is the job at hand. The STEM tools most useful here will be advanced training tools for specialized needs. Flight & equipment simulators are crucial for training experience without the danger and cost of onsite practice. These STEM training tools often use a combination of AR or VR with physical controls to simulate the most realistic training environment. These STEM tools tend to carry a higher footprint in your classroom, as well as a higher price tag. However, research shows that these tools work, allowing students to earn certifications faster to become significantly safer operators in the field.


Many students work better with a future goal in mind. There are many robotics competitions and STEM design challenges, designed to foster teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking. The internal validation of success is coupled with an external validation, which positively affects the student. With these competitions and all STEM training tools, a student’s sense of accomplishment at the completion of a task or conquering a challenge is an undeniable benefit. STEM training tools encourage creativity, boost confidence, and nurture the well-being of the students in your classroom. 
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