Technical Training Aids Hosts Uptick Marketing Field Trip

At Technical Training Aids, our goals are to educate and to help others educate. We use a wide variety of training solutions and programs to do this, and it’s always fun when we’re able to broaden someone’s horizon through our programs.

That’s why we were pleased to host the team from Uptick Marketing on a recent field trip to our headquarters in Pelham, Alabama, and showcase a sampling of what TTA has to offer.

We began by showing the team a variety of objects we had printed with one of our 3D printing systems from Stratasys. 3D printing has become a tremendous part of educating up and coming skilled workers, and has been incorporated into curriculums all over the nation at virtually every level. They were amazed to see how 3D printing works, up close and personal, especially as they saw a wide variety of our Stratasys production equipment – specifically, the larger systems that you can’t find in a home.

Exploring the Welding Experience

Moving on, we then showcased one of our favorite training tools: our VRTEX 360 Mobile Virtual Reality Arc Welding Trainer from Lincoln Electric. This tool brings welding instruction to a new level, using virtual reality to allow students to “weld” realistically. It provides audio and visual feedback to show how they are performing, and even diagnoses the weld to see where it can be improved.

While not everyone managed a perfect weld, they all had fun and saw firsthand how a virtual reality tool is perfect for augmenting existing training.

Spray Painting Like a Pro

Our next stop was the SimSpray Spray Paint Training Simulator by VRSim.

One of our most fun tools, SimSpray uses virtual reality to allow students to virtually spray paint an object, whether it’s a barrel, a car door, or some other commonly seen item in the field. It gives you a very realistic experience and even breaks down your performance to show you what can be improved and what you did well.

It was great watching the Uptick team try out their newfound trade. They learned that like any other skilled trade, spray painting isn’t easy. It takes a significant amount of training and preparation before you can spray paint at an expert level. They certainly appreciated the opportunity to try to spray paint a car door and enjoyed competing against one another to see who did the best.

The field trip from Uptick was an enjoyable experience. We appreciated their willingness to immerse themselves in our world, and see how our technical training solutions can impact a business or school program positively and improve performance.