How the New Stratasys J750 Is Changing the Game

stratasys J750 3d printer

3D printing has come a long way, and the future is bright – especially when a new 3D printer comes along to completely change the game of using 3D printing to educate up-and-coming students.

That’s the case with the new Stratasys J750 3D printer – an innovative 3D printer that offers a better path forward for full-scale, full-color, multi-material prototyping for the world’s cutting-edge producers.

Stratasys J750: The Latest Innovation in Color

Previously, producers had to use different machines of varying complexities and capabilities in order to fully print what they needed. This was because no machine, up until now, could handle a full range of color and multiple materials at the same time while printing at a high resolution.

Fortunately, the Stratasys J750 came along.

The J750 is the world’s first and only full-color, multi-material, high resolution 3D printer. The six-channel printer is capable of using a wide range of materials – as well as over 360,000 colors. All of this is made possible by the fact that the J750 prints with white, black, yellow, magenta, and cyan, giving it the same capability as a 2D printer to print along a full color spectrum.

It’s not just about color, though; the J750 can also print gradients and textures that add more realism to the finished product. For example, if you need a wood grain surface for your prototype, the J750 has you covered. If you need a device with various parts colored in different colors to help differentiate them – as with a medical training device – the J750 is there.

Next-Level Printing Technology

The hallmark of the Stratasys J750 3D printer is the fact that it uses Stratasys’s PolyJet technology to print with six base resins and provide a finish that is superior to the typical rough surface of a prototype – which eliminates the need to sand or paint.

Additionally, the newest 3D printer in the Stratasys line is hyper-efficient. Multiple developers can work on the machine at the same time, and you save more money in materials and time due to the efficiency of the system. Plus, new print heads allow the printer to print at three different speeds for greater velocity.

If you want to incorporate the latest technology into your classroom and want the full-color capabilities of this latest marvel, the Stratasys J750 3D printer more than makes sense – it’s a must.

Check out the Stratasys J750 3D printer product page to learn more and to see specifications.