Spark Your Students’ Imagination With MakerBot 3D Printers

Being a teacher is hard work. The same could be said of being a good student. There are so many distractions and general day-to-day requirements to check off for both of you that it can seem nearly impossible to find the excitement and creativity that makes education so wonderful. With MakerBot 3D printers, you can spark your students’ imagination while preparing them for a future in STEM! 


Benefits of Using MakerBot Printers for 3D Education

With MakerBot 3D printing, the design possibilities are nearly endless. Because students must design the object they want to print, this classroom tool fosters creativity and innovation. It empowers students to problem solve, use their imagination, and then bring their ideas to life through 3D printing.

3D printing is an art and a science. Consider that students will need to learn how to use their MakerBot printer, what materials are required for their design, how their plans will turn into physical objects, and what to do when a problem arises. In all, this hands-on learning tool is an excellent way for students to develop their critical thinking abilities, one of the essential skills for students to learn across all disciplines and subjects.Students will also learn how to better work and communicate with their peers. Both classrooms and industry workspaces are collaborative environments, especially in STEM careers. Students can share ideas and work on projects that require clear and effective communication. 


Why Teachers Love MakerBot Printers

These MakerBot printers have several benefits for your educators that provide a seamless transition into the classroom and curriculum. A pre-written curriculum gives the teachers the ability to encourage and empower students without additional work. Both the instructors and the students will receive tactile feedback to best prepare the STEM workforce for tomorrow. 

When concepts become visible and tangible, teachers can be confident they are providing young minds with content with purpose. Additionally, introducing these printers into the classroom opens doors for collaborative partnerships with local industries and higher education. 


MakerBot SKETCH Classroom for Education

MakerBot is the global leader in desktop 3D printing. The MakerBot SKETCH model was designed to eliminate many hurdles that teachers and administrators face in acquiring and using a 3D printer, including cost, curriculum, certifications, and software. 

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Students’ knowledge retention is significantly higher when they “do” and create, rather than just listening and reading. MakerBot’s project-based design provides hands-on learning that develops problem-solving and logical thinking skills, and the ability to design and test solutions to real-world problems. Everything they learn in the classroom is another building block for success in their future career! 

If you’re new to 3D printing, the MakerBot SKETCH includes training and support for both students and teachers to ensure a smooth integration into the curriculum. The MakerBot SKETCH Classroom is designed as a complete 3D printing classroom setup. It uses cloud software to incorporate a full suite of 3D printing applications, including print design, project preparation, and management.


Some of the MakerBot SKETCH Classroom key features include:

  • Dual Printer Setup
  • MakerBot Certification to certify your students in real-world problem solving 
  • MakerBot Cloud™, a cloud-based, 3D printing file management software
  • 600+ Certified Lesson Plans for all grades and subjects
  • Reliable Prints, every time
  • Touch Screen Controls


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MakerBot METHOD for Future Industrial Engineers

The MakerBot METHOD model combines industrial 3D printing and career-oriented learning to equip students for success in a rapidly evolving workplace. It helps advance your students’ understanding of 3D printing in learning, research, and manufacturing settings.

With the MakerBot Method, students can take ownership of their learning. With a curriculum and certification opportunity, students can take a step beyond their previous experience and focus on creativity and innovation. 

Here are just a few examples of what students can print in the classroom with the MakerBot METHOD 3D printer:

  • Historical artifacts
  • 3D versions of their graphic design work
  • Cells, organs, and other biological components
  • Topographical maps
  • 3D versions of molecules
  • And more!

MakerBot creates affordable 3D printers that use a visual learning environment to open up unlimited possibilities for experimentation and creativity. Some of the key features of the MakerBot METHOD include:

  • Access unlimited materials with an Open Materials Platform
  • A heated chamber for stronger parts
  • Opportunities for instant feedback, from content to product
  • Increased student readiness with exposure to industry practices


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3D Printing for Your Teachers and Students

These printers are not just for the college classroom but can be utilized for students from K-12 to industry-prep education centers, and are cost-friendly. We understand the importance of equipping teachers with the tools needed for today’s students. Let us equip your teachers to help your students prepare for exciting careers in technology. Contact us for a MakerBot quote for your school today! 


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