MakerBot Method

MakerBot Method

MakerBot Method introduces an entirely new category of 3D Printing defined by INDUSTRIAL RELIABILITY + PRECISION, FASTEST CAD-TO-PART, and MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE + MINIMAL INVESTMENT. We call it Performance 3D Printing. MakerBot defined accessible 3D Printing and kicked the door open as a pioneering market leader. With Method, we’ve broken through the technology barrier to enable faster and more precise printing than ever before. Method bridges the gap between industrial and desktop 3D Printing.

Developed from the ground up by improving upon several patented industrial technologies from Stratasys® — technologies that empowered the DNA of an industrial 3D printer from the onset. Combined with MakerBot’s industry-leading accessibility and smart workflow features, Method screams past desktop 3D printers while ensuring dimensional accuracy and industrial 3D printer reliability.

Key Features:

  • Circulated Heated Chamber
  • Dual Performance Extruders
  • Precision Dissolving PVA Supports (water soluble)
  • Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame Construction
  • Smart Sensors + Connectivity

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Manufacturer: Makerbot
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