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MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™ is the most reliable classroom 3D printing setup, giving your students the access they need and setting you up for classroom success.

3D printing is a mainstream tool utilized across nearly every professional industry. According to 3D Hubs, “3D printing is changing new product development across industries including automotive, aerospace, maritime, medical, sports, railway, and defense.” Context and Shipments Forecasts for 2020 are predicting 3D Printers under $10,000 to exceed $250M. As 3D printing is becoming a daily part of professional life, it is critical to make 3D printing accessible to students throughout their education.

With a complete classroom solution, teachers will be able to accelerate student learning through interactive problem-solving projects.

MakerBot Teacher Certification will enable teachers to become leaders in STEAM curriculum creation and integration. Don’t have time to create your own lesson plans? We have over 600 certified lesson plans to get you started.

With over 600 certified lesson plans and a single print management dashboard, teachers can focus on students learning instead of printers printing.

Contact an Education Specialist to find out how you can get Makerbot SKETCH Classroom™!

Key Features:

  • Dual Printer Set-Up
    • MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™ gets you started with two printers to complete your classroom printing faster.
  • MakerBot Certification™
    • Certify your students in real-world problem solving through design thinking and 3D printing.
  • MakerBot Cloud™
    • Make the classroom 3D printing experience even easier with our cloud-based, 3D printing file management software.
  • 600+ Certified Lesson Plans
    • Find lesson plans designed for grade levels and subjects applicable to your classroom and curriculum.
  • Heated and Flexible Buildplate
    • Reliable prints every time
  • Touch Screen Controls
    • Intuitive interface
  • Enclosed Chamber and Particulate Filter
    • Classroom-friendly


Heated and Flexible Buildplate
Touch Screen Controls
Enclosed Chamber and Particulate Filter
Manufacturer: Makerbot
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