SOLIDWORKS Student Sponsorship for Design Competitions: Get Creative, Get Sponsored, Get Hired

Competition has a way of making us better. It challenges us, engages us, and drives us to work together for something we’re passionate about. 

At Technical Training Aids, we know that having your students participate in local engineering and robotics competitions is a great way to sharpen their skills. Adding even more incentive, such an opportunity to showcase their design expertise could help them get noticed for their dream job! 

Products from SOLIDWORKS, one of our valued partners, are designed for student success. And as a company, SOLIDWORKS goes a step further by helping student teams with sponsorships—sponsorships that include valuable resources, such as software, curriculum, parts designs, design tools, and more.


Learn more about the SOLIDWORKS products and resources we proudly offer at TTA, all of which are designed to equip teachers and students!


Using SOLIDWORKS Software for Your Competition

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Software is the premium design tool for students to explore and share their ideas, visualize project concepts, and simulate how their designs will perform in the competition before they are even made. Currently, more than 3,000 student teams around the world are using SOLIDWORKS software to prepare, compete, and win. 

These competitions, however, aren’t just about winning. Students are able to learn how to collaborate, perform under pressure, as well as generally sharpen their skills, solve problems in real-time, and enhance their creativity and ability to innovate. All of these attributes prepare students to succeed in a competitive workforce. 


The Design Team Sponsorship: What’s Included?

SOLIDWORKS has two sponsorship options, and you don’t currently need to own a SOLIDWORKS product to apply! Teams can apply for the SOLIDWORKS

Desktop product sponsorship, which includes over 12 powerful design and engineering products, OR the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which is a cloud-based portfolio of integrated tools and apps. Your team is also welcome to apply for both of these sponsorships! 

Read more about this SOLIDWORKS sponsorship program here.



With the SOLIDWORKS Desktop, each team member will receive a personal license

for the SOLIDWORKS Student Edition, which includes the following: 

  • Premium 3D CAD software
  • Analysis tools
  • Design tools and technology
  • Documentation tools
  • And additional SOLIDWORKS resources


SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience 

With the SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience, each team member will be able to access a variety of platform capabilities, including the following: 

  • Connect and collaborate from any internet-accessible device
  • Seamlessly interaction with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
  • Easily collaborate with other students
  • Use specialized tools, reflecting industry best practices, and more. 


Have questions about these, or other, SOLIDWORKS products? Contact the TTA sales and support team here!


How to Apply for a SOLIDWORKS Student Sponsorship

If your team is interested in a SOLIDWORKS sponsorship for your next competition, choose one of the links below! Your team will receive an email confirmation with instructions for downloading the software within five business days of applying. 

To request SOLIDWORKS Desktop

To request 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


Reminder: your team is welcome to apply for both scholarships. To do so, please fill out an application form for each link. 

SOLIDWORKS provides sponsorships for competitions including, but not limited to:

  • AAIA Sponsorships
  • ASABE Sponsorships
  • ASME Sponsorships
  • BEST Sponsorships
  • FIRST Sponsorships
  • Formula SAE/Formula Student Sponsorships
  • RoboCup Sponsorships
  • RoboGames Sponsorships
  • RoboNation Sponsorships
  • SkillsUSA Sponsorships
  • SolarSplash Sponsorships
  • And more! 


Equip Your Students for Success

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