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Use SOLIDWORKS 3D Software Tools To Bring Designs To Life.

Maximize your productivity and create better products with SOLIDWORKS 3D software tools. Create, simulate, publish, and manage your data with easy-to-learn and use products that work together to help you produce the best results.

SOLIDWORKS focuses on ease-of-use to allow more engineers, designers, and other technology professionals than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life. 


Equip The Next Generation

Prepare students to be future engineers and designers with the skills needed to solve problems skillfully and efficiently. SOLIDWORKS provides students, educators, and researchers professional software, local support, and a connection to a massive user community to help them succeed. 


Increase classroom and career success with this all-inclusive resource for teaching 3D mechanical CAD, design validation, simulation, data management, rendering and more. Teach you students with confidence using the world’s most widely used 3D design software.


Not only are SOLIDWORKS instructors are in high demand at institutions around the world, but utilizing this software provides pathways to help students step into their dream career and inspire young creators in a collaborative and empowering environment.

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What’s Included in the SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition?

This resource features the SOLIDWORKS software plus a full curriculum including a Teacher Guide and Student Guides along with extensive interactive courseware projects.

Learn more about what’s included in the SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition.

SOLIDWORKS Research Edition Software

Develop Your Ideas and Collaborate Seamlessly With SOLIDWORKS Research Edition Software

Access the latest in engineering technology and collaborate with other researchers and industrial users around the world with the SOLIDWORKS Research Edition Software.

The SOLIDWORKS Research Edition has no restrictions for use in publications, industry-funded projects, and patent applications. By offering researchers the full suite of commercial software tools at special Research pricing, your institution can support sponsored research applications with ease.

Get Your Ideas to Market Faster

Take our ideas from initial concept to market through advanced analysis and validation of hypothesis. Utilize SOLIDWORKS tools for valuable insights to optimize performance in the most cost-effective manner regardless of the material or use environment.

SOLIDWORKS Research Edition shadows SOLIDWORKS commercial solutions and includes:

  • 3D CAD
  • Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Product Data Management
  • Technical Communication
  • Electrical Design


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