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Automated & Intelligent Post-Printing

PostProcess Technologies creates solutions to make removing supports and surface finishing printed parts easier, more consistent, and more efficient.

PostProcess pioneered the development of automated and intelligent solutions for post-printing in the classroom. Today, your students will find these solutions at work across industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer goods, dental, medical, and more. 

Equipment from PostProcess Technologies is designed for all 3D print materials and all 3D print technologies.

What PostProcess Technologies Offers

Careers in additive manufacturing rely on unparalleled results of post-process surface finishing and support removal technologies. PostProcess Technologies’ cutting-edge equipment provides real-world experience that will give your students an advantage in the workforce.

Unparalleled Consistency

PostProcess delivers consistent support removal and surface finishing on every part. Their automated solution ensures no part breakage, no missed supports, and a precise surface finish to your specified Roughness Average (Ra).

Increased Throughput

Every minute in the classroom is valuable time. PostProcess solutions reduce the cycle time to ensure all parts can be printed on your timeline.

Greater Productivity

See support removal and surface finishing at new speeds! PostProcess solutions outperform manual processing every time.

Proprietary Software

PostProcess first understands the 3D printing methodology, material, and geometry; and then implements a solution for your requirements. Your students can adjust for tightly controlled heat, constant detergent flow, and variable air pressure to ensure the right level of support removal and/or surface finish.

Advanced Hardware

Get advanced, user-friendly hardware that works in conjunction with proprietary software and eco-friendly consumables. PostProcess systems features include counter-weighted vertical sliding doors, casters for easy installation, and noise-reducing construction.

Eco-Friendly Detergents & Media

Detergents and suspended solids have been developed specifically for 3D metal parts and high-performance plastics so that you can teach your students about the technologies and materials of the future.

Post-Process Learning in the Classroom

Technical Training Aids is your local dealer for PostProcess Technologies for schools, technical colleges, and universities in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. See all our PostProcess systems below! 

Contact your local salesperson to learn more about purchasing a PostProcess Technologies system for your school.