DEMI 4000™ Series


If you’re seeking a scalable post-printing solution tailored to high-volume stereolithography (SLA) production, look no further than the groundbreaking PostProcess® DEMI 4000™ Series. Developed exclusively for production SLA resin removal, this automated technology sets a new standard in efficiency and consistency.

Driven by their proprietary software platform, AUTOMAT3D®, the DEMI 4000 Series harnesses Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology’s power, ensuring unparalleled resin removal rates while maintaining uniformity across the process. 

the DEMI 4000™ Series effortlessly handles large part sizes or numerous smaller-sized parts within a single build thanks to its generously sized processing tank, which measures 890mm x 890mm x 635mm.  The DEMI 4000 can process large or smaller builds and provides ease of use for operators thanks to its automated lift. The fully enclosed envelope also enhances safety for operators. The DEMI 4000 is compatible with many of the popular production-level SLA printers: 3D Systems ProX 800, RPS NEO800, and Stratasys V650.

To explore the extensive capabilities of the DEMI 4000™ Series further, we encourage you to download the PDF specifications and watch the  “How It Works” video. Unlock a new level of efficiency and precision in your SLA production with the advanced features of the DEMI 4000 Series.

Manufacturer: PostProcess Technologies
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