Vorsa 500

Vorsa 500

Discover the groundbreaking capabilities of the PostProcess® VORSA 500™ FDM support removal solution, designed to address your high-volume production needs with exceptional results. This advanced system guarantees uniform, high-quality support removal for FDM 3D-printed parts, regardless of their complexity, all while boasting remarkably short cycle times.

At the heart of the VORSA 500 lies the patented Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology, enabling delicate to robust support removal with unmatched throughput. This technology ensures complete part coverage, leaving no support residue behind. Through its multidimensional spray technology, the VORSA 500 achieves impressively quick drying times, while preserving the integrity of your parts, preventing them from becoming saturated with detergent.

Product of Vorsa 500 3D- Printing

The VORSA 500 combines specialized hardware for 3D post-printing alongside customized software and specially formulated consumables. The PostProcess proprietary Agitation Algorithms govern the precise control of energy, expertly managing the flow of additive-formulated detergents to guarantee consistent, hands-free support removal for your 3D-printed FDM parts.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the cutting-edge capabilities of the VORSA 500, we invite you to watch a demo video or download the PDF Specifications for a detailed insight into this revolutionary technology. Experience the future of support removal for yourself with PostProcess VORSA 500.

Manufacturer: PostProcess Technologies
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