Base Support Removal

Base-Support Removal

Introducing the revolutionary PostProcess® BASE™ FDM support removal solution, a game-changer in 3D-printing post-processing. With the most expansive work envelope available, it is the ultimate answer to your high-volume production needs, delivering unparalleled, uniform, and high-quality results for every part, regardless of its complexity, all with impressively short cycle times.

Designed to cater to the largest additive manufactured parts, the system’s envelope measures 40″ L x 27.5″ W x 26″ H.

At the heart of the BASE lies PostProcess’ proprietary Volume Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology. VVD technology uses spray technology combined with chemistry and software, instead of a submersion tank that is common with traditional post-processing. The jets offer high flow rates complimented by low pressure to be effective yet remain gentle on fragile parts. high-volume and flow jet This dynamic approach ensures fast cycle times while virtually eliminating the risk of damaging parts.

The BASE goes beyond just cutting-edge technology; it incorporates the power of PostProcess’s proprietary AUTOMAT3D® software program. This proprietary software combines precisely controlled energy with additive-formulated detergents, to provide consistent, hands-free support removal for your 3D printed parts. 

To witness the future of support removal and supercharge your production, download the PDF Specifications. Experience the unparalleled capabilities of the PostProcess BASE and elevate your additive manufacturing processes to new heights.

Manufacturer: PostProcess Technologies
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