UAH Student Among 2017 Stratasys Extreme Redesign Challenge Winners

TTA is proud to share that one of the 2017 Stratasys Extreme Redesign Challenge winners was from here in Alabama.  Thomas Salverson, a student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL, took first place for his Arm Cast design in the category of Engineering – Post-Secondary Education.


Adjustable, Reusable and Modular (ARM) Cast


1st Place, Thomas Salverson


Engineering, Post-Secondary Education


University of Alabama in Huntsville (AL)


Although Thomas Salverson has no plans to be a doctor, he managed to create a new way to care for broken arms with his adjustable, reusable and modular (ARM) Cast. After being exposed to 3D printing through his high school rocketry team, Salverson started seeking out other ways he could exercise his 3D printing skills. The ARM casts consists of a modular ring, adjustable pads and an elbow joint, all which can be detached and then put together on the arm. The ARM cast is an improvement on the traditional fiberglass model because it is much lighter, removable and reusable. It doesn’t need to be applied by a doctor and can be adjusted throughout the healing process.

Salverson plans to stick with 3D printing if he chooses to continue modifying his ARM cast. He has considered adding to his design by adding a section for the hand, as well as consulting a medical minded person to see what else he can do to enhance it.

You can learn more about the Thomas and his winning Arm Cast design on his Arm Cast GrabCAD Library page.

Salverson is just one local winner but many of the winning designs, all uploaded to the GrabCAD Community Library, are pretty amazing and well worth checking out.