TTA Sponsors GirlsCode Workshop with TechBirmingham

On February 17th, 2018, the Training Lab at the Innovation Depot in downtown Birmingham became a futuristic jeweler’s workshop as 20 girls, ages 12-18, designed and printed their own 3D jewelry. Laptops in hand, the girls signed in at 9 AM for a three hour, immersive workshop dedicated to the fundamentals of 3D printing. Hosted by GirlsCode, an outreach effort of TechBirmingham, the workshop educated girls on the basics behind 3D design, and then applied that knowledge in order to create an entirely original piece of jewelry.

TTA’s Travis Coon led the workshop. The girls were treated to an informative background on 3D printing, and then walked through the steps necessary to design their own piece of jewelry. As an event sponsor Technical Training Aids provided Stratasys 3D Printers to print the jewelry designs that the girls created. Even though it was a great deal of information to cover in three hours, this workshop gave its participants a solid foundation in the art and science behind 3D design and printing.

“Technical Training Aids is dedicated to supporting STEM education at all ages, and we are particularly excited to participate in this event because women are underrepresented in the sciences, and fixing this problem starts with creating positive experiences where girls can identify skills and aptitude that they might not have been aware of,” said Travis Coon. “We are proud to be a part of the great work that TechBirmingham and GirlsCode is doing.”

GirlsCode provided this unique opportunity in order to showcase a practical application of computer engineering. Instructors worked with girls in the 3D printing workshop so that they could develop a successful design regardless of their technical proficiency. The designs ranged from the traditional to the futuristic, with the girls’ originality shining through.

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