Science Bits Product Updates & New Unit Announcement: “Atoms and Bonds”

Science Bits Announces Publication of a New Unit: “Atoms and Bonds”

The unit is structured around the study of the electronic distribution of atoms. It begins by constructing the electronic distribution model through spectroscopy experiments (with simulators) and ends up showing how this electronic structure of atoms affects the properties of substances. In addition to the lab simulators, it is worth mentioning a Lewis structure editor that allows students to write Lewis structures (in two of their variants) as if they were done on paper and they can know if they have been correctly performed, since they self-correct. Remember, you will need to add it manually to your repertory.

 Recent Product Updates

Science Bits has additionally published a series of important general product improvements:

  • If we activate the key in any of the exercises that contain random variables, the presence of these variables will be marked in orange.
  • We have developed an adaptive formula to correct the decimals of numerical responses. To date, if a student performed well the operation that led to the response but rounded wrong, the correction gave a 0% and it did not indicate the reason.
  • Now, if the answer is correct but the problem is that the student has rounded wrongly (decimal up or down), the grade the student will receive is 75% (not 0%) and he/she will be warned by a signal suggesting to check the rounding.
  • On the other hand, if the student puts more or fewer decimals than the problem explicitly requests, it will also penalize by only a 25% and it will  indicate that the problem is that he/she did not enter the requested number of decimals.
  • In those exercises where the result can come from several consecutive operations that involve intermediate results with multiple decimals, the correct answer will be a reasonable range that includes both the answers derived from dragging all decimals and rounding only at the end, as well as those in which the student has chosen to round in each step. Therefore, any response within that range will be correct.
  • We have improved the key to the exercises by showing all the possible solutions of an exercise (when there are several). In the case of numerical responses, the single result or the correct response range is displayed, depending on the case.

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