uav mini + UGV drones – 90
This student LAB is designed to accompany the MINDS-I UAV + UGV Drones Curriculum as an introduction into the world of Drones and Robotics. It is designed as an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math. In this course students will become familiar with the basics of Drone robotics and programming through teamwork.

Each Lab is designed to support a small group of students (3 to 5) for one semester.

Qty: 2 UAV Mini Kit

Qty: 2 RC Transmitter with Receiver

Qty: 1 Super Rover Kit

Wheels and Tires Bag

Upgrade Rover ESC (80A)

Qty: 1 UGV Kit

Qty: 1 Dual Motor Encoder Kit

Qty: 1 Gimbal Kit

Qty: 1 250 Piece Basic Construction Set

Qty: 1 Screw Adapter Kit

Qty: 1 Build a Motor Kit

Drone Lab Accessory Bag 1

Qty: 6 Extra SF Propellers

Qty: 6 Extra SFP Propellers

Qty: 5 Safety Glasses

Qty: 1 Digital MultiMeter

Qty: 1 Extra 7.2V Battery 3000mAh

Qty: 2 Extra MINDS-i Tools

Qty: 1 1/16″ Hex Driver

Qty: 1 3/32″ Hex Driver

Qty: 1 LiPoly Battery Charger

Qty: 1 LiPoly Battery Charging Bag

Qty: 1 Flight Simulator

Qty: 1 PID Test Fixture

Qty: 1 Storage Bin

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We inspire a rigorous college and career relevant experience through STEM Robotics in the everyday classroom in a format that can impact each and every student.  Take it to the next level by challenging your students to compete in a UAV SKILLS USA Competition:

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