Science Bits New Unit Announcement: “Quantitative Chemistry”

Science Bits has just published a new 5E unit under Physics and Chemistry: Quantitative Chemistry. This unit is an introduction to the quantitative aspects of chemistry, both regarding the measurement of concentrations in solutions and the calculation of masses and moles of molecules in chemical reactions. Also the acid and basic solutions are treated and the concept of pH is introduced.

It is worth mentioning the great number of practical exercises in the Explain section, as well as the virtual laboratories in the Explore section, which allow students to understand how we can deduce the exact composition of the compounds. The Elaborate phase asks students to solve a real problem for an alleged chemical factory, which will lead them to design and carry out a chemical assessment in the laboratory.

You can add the new unit, Quantitative Chemistry, to your repertories by using the “Add content” button (see screen shot below):

We hope you enjoy this new unit!

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