Science Bits: Built on Two Strong Pillars

Science Bits is taking the United States educational market by storm with their unique approach that fully integrates technology and pedagogy. This is fostering an evolution from a traditional educational model where facts are transmitted from the teacher to the learner to an active Constructivist Model. Constructivist methodologies are based on the students role in the educational experience through inquiry, critical thinking, discovery, and learning by doing.

Science Bits is creating a revolution in science education with a program based on two pillars: a strong foundation in learning theory and educational research and high quality multimedia, interactive technology.

Foundation in Learning Theory and Educational Research

Science Bits doesn’t just provide explanatory content for the student to read and memorize. Science Bits’ pedagogical design is grounded in learning theory and based on research about how students learn. Its constructivist approach focuses on triggering conceptual changes and developing student’s skills, both by engaging students with the learning task and by helping them understand the underlying natural phenomenon within each science topic. “Learning by Thinking and Doing” is at the very heart of Science Bits’ pedagogical approach.

Science Bits is grounded in constructivist ideas to address misconceptions. Constructivism states that our students are not “empty containers.” They bring their own ideas and knowledge to every new topic including some information that is scientifically inaccurate. These ideas come from their everyday experiences and from their lifetime of classroom education all the way back to Kindergarten. Research shows that common misconceptions are one of the biggest obstacles to student understanding.

Some common misconceptions include (click links below to see a sample “E” relating to that topic):

Each 5E unit recognizes common misconceptions, and then builds on these students prior ideas to achieve a conceptual change.

High Quality Multimedia and Interactive Technology

Highly engaging digital content is the second pillar in Science Bits’ model. Science Bits takes great pride in their cutting edge digital tools, including:

  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Simulators
  • Virtual Labs

(Click to view snippets from our Video Labs or snippets from our Units)

These tools are fully integrated to support each 5E unit’s learning goals. Each unit is a complete learning sequence designed to build understanding in compliance with State and National science standards. Science Bits content is organized into a collection of units that can be utilized and arranged as needed based on local curriculum requirements. Each unit incorporates opportunities for remediation and acceleration, and teachers can easily select additional science “bits” or lessons based on individual student needs.

Why is this important for US teachers and students? According to a survey conducted by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) that surveyed children in the United States between the ages 8 and 17, only 24% of boys and 5% of girls show an interest in science. Many students indicate that they do not like science because they find it difficult to understand. This leads to fewer students choosing a science career path in college, with 47% of university students choosing career paths in Social Sciences and Law and only 24% in Science.

American PISA Science test results are also discouraging with no improvements compared to the rankings in the  last edition. The focus in this assessment is on actively solving problems by applying information, procedures, and scientific attitudes rather than skills assessments that ask students to recount memorized knowledge.

The International Science Teaching Foundation (ISTF) has created Science Bits precisely to improve these statistics. Our methodology motivates students by actively involving them in learning. We open up a variety of learning opportunities above and beyond the traditional methods of listening to a teacher or memorizing a textbook so that each student can experience, reason, discuss, and apply what they learn.

This method has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of science teachers, educators, video producers, and multimedia professionals from around the world. Its lessons, designed according to the BCBS 5E Instructional Model, use a lot of interactive multimedia content to develop a system based on inquiry and focused on the development of scientific competencies.

Science Bits is the Comprehensive Solution

Science Bits is a complete curriculum with supplemental resources organized to help teachers find the tools that they need when they need them. Science Bits includes EVERYTHING that you will need for all lessons, and you are never required to purchase supplemental resources to get the full classroom experience.

Science Bits is a teacher’s dream.

Never before have so many excellent resources been presented in a science curriculum that is so consistent, accurate, and engaging. Contact us to find out what Science Bits can do for your classroom.

A Word from Science Bits’ Co-Founder

“Science Bits supports its active methodology on an incomparable array of multimedia resources (lab simulators, animations, 3D models, videos, etc), so students learn science by doing science even when they can’t be in the school lab. Of course, Science Bits provides hands-on activities for the lab, but it also provides the chance to keep learning actively (and not just by listening a lecture) in the standard classroom when the only resource available is a computer or a tablet.”

– Hector Martin, Science Bits Co-Founder


April Anderson, Ed.D, is a lifelong educator who has spent the past 25 years supporting engaging curriculum and instruction to promote student achievement for all learners. Based on her experience in the classroom, April understands the features and benefits of the Science Bits program. Please complete this form for more information.