Science Bits: The #1 Award-Winning Science Curriculum in the World

Technical Training Aids has been on the cutting-edge of education and technical training for more than 50 years, and we see schools and teachers facing more challenges now than ever. They are struggling to meet 5E standards and the needs of students with a wide variety of educational attainment and language challenges. That is why we are eager to share news about an exciting new curriculum that is transforming classrooms around the globe. We are proud to introduce Science Bits.

So, what is Science Bits?

Science Bits is the first curriculum to integrate the Cognitive Science Theory of Conceptual Change while maintaining fidelity to 5E standards. Science Bits facilitates teaching that promotes deep understanding and instigates conceptual change necessary for learning science.

What makes Science Bits unique?

Science Bits is a comprehensive science curriculum designed to help teachers facilitate research based instructional practices recommended for science instruction. Science Bits integrates best practices for curriculum, teacher instruction, assessment, and deep conceptual learning. Students experience real-world, skills-based exercises intentionally designed to peak engagement and critical thinking.

Other features that makes Science Bits a unique product include the a complete Spanish translation of the material that can be accessed by the flip of a toggle switch.  With attributes like a Glossary for each unit, not only would this be critical to limited English-speaking students, but the ease of accessing the dual language content could even assist in language learning for those students.

Simultaneously addressing the learning needs of both advanced and remedial students can be a struggle. The creators of Science Bits realize that not all students are on the same learning level.  Science Bits offers customized learning plans for individual students, while still keeping the class on the same topic.

While Science Bits primarily focuses around the 5E standards, the curriculum can also be customized to your state standardsContact Us today to find out how we can customize Science Bits to be the perfect classroom solution for you and your students specific needs!

Awards, you say?

Science Bits has accumulated an impressive 17 awards for innovation in Science Education since it was first published in 2014 which makes this revolutionary educational tool the most awarded science curriculum in the world!

Click here to see a full list of awards the Science Bits curriculum has won worldwide!

Why have we won so many awards?

What are people saying about Science Bits?

Overall? They love it! Science Bits is changing the way science is taught and changing lives.  Stay tuned to our blogs on Science Bits throughout the year to see more testimonials from teachers who have recently piloted Science Bits in their classrooms. For the purposes of this blog, we have included a few comments from some of our awards contributors below:

BESSIE Award – Middle School Category

“What sets Science Bits apart is its state-of-the-art multimedia resources (3D models, videos, animations and simulations) designed to engage students through interactivity and virtual experiments; and the simple, user-friendly interface in both the student and teacher views.”

MEDEA Awards Innovation of Multimedia Resources

“The pedagogical quality of Science Bits is excellent! The content, the media, structure of the sessions, evaluation methods, and design of the website are all of excellent quality.”

Academics’ Choice Award

“Wow! Science Bits is a science teacher’s dream! There are too many good things to say about this ed-tool to cover in this comments section, but what I will say is goodbye textbooks and rote memorization and hello scientific exploration and discovery!”

How did it begin?

Science Bits is a project developed in collaboration with a British foundation called the International Science Teaching Foundation. The ISTF’s goal is to promote good practices in science teaching at a global level.

A Word from Science Bits’ Co-Founder

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April Anderson, Ed.D, is a lifelong educator who has spent the past 25 years supporting engaging curriculum and instruction to promote student achievement for all learners. Based on her experience in the classroom, April understands the features and benefits of the Science Bits program. Please complete this form for more information.