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As a science teacher or education professional, you understand the importance of fully engaging every student in the classroom. You also know that textbooks — although they have their place — fall woefully short of accomplishing that goal.  

You need a deeply interesting, hands-on, multi-sensory experience that reveals the wonder of science to your students in an understandable, retainable way.

In other words, you need Science Bits.

What is Science Bits?

Science Bits is a multidisciplinary science education program that uses multimedia NGSS-aligned (Next Generation Science Standardsmaterials. It’s built around the 5E constructivist model of instruction, which guides students through five stages of learning: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.

Science Bits lessons include dozens of multimedia and interactive resources (videos, animations, simulations, and 3D models), which encourage students to learn science by doing science. The program also offers hundreds of self-graded instructional activities and user-friendly tools to track student progress.

Imagine going beyond the textbook and awakening the scientist inside every student. With Science Bits, you can build on your students’ previous knowledge by gradually adding fresh concepts until you’ve constructed an entirely new (and quite solid) framework of understanding.

Is Science Bits Right for Your Students?

If you’re using outdated, textbook-based, lecture-style curriculum and feeling the pain of its shortcomings, consider switching to Science Bits. With its myriad awards and universal acclaim, Science Bits can give your students a deeper understanding of each lesson by appealing to them with multimedia, hands-on material.

Engage the scientific minds in your classroom with vibrant, exciting lessons. Learn more about Science Bits today!

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Key Features

  • Students Learn Science by Doing Science
  • 5E Instructional Model recommended by NSTA and NASA
  • Engaging Multi-media Delivery
  • Hundreds of self-graded instructional activities
  • User-friendly tools to track student achievement accurately


Take a few minutes to check out this Science Bits Overview video:

Additional Features

  • Integrated instructional units grounded in learning theory and based on research evidence on how students learn.
  • Interactive multimedia resources for dynamic and participative learning: 3D models, videos, audios, animations, virtual experiments and simulations.
  • Hundreds of self-correcting exercises and other resources for effective learning.
  • User-friendly tools to accurately track student achievement.
  • Lessons focused on crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas.
  • Every 5E unit includes a final self-correcting test based on the principles of skills development.
  • Predict-Observe-Explain activities with real videos and lab simulators.
  • For those students who don’t have computers in the classroom, Science Bits offers a printable version with all content and activities for them to follow the lesson shared on the digital whiteboard.
  • Complete key teacher resources and guides.
  • All contents available simultaneously in English and Spanish.


  • Science Bits is a repository of multimedia science lessons that promote the change from a transmission educational model, based on the transmission of facts from teacher or textbook to learner, to a constructivist model, based on inquiry, discovery, critical thinking and learning-by-doing.
  • Science Bits is conceived and designed to make work in the classroom easier and to get the most out of the possibilities offered by the digital format—both the multimedia potential of each student’s computer and the digital whiteboard.
  • Science Bits, used with a projector or a digital whiteboard, enriches the teacher’s exposition and promotes interaction with the student body with its vast quantity of multimedia resources: illustrations, 3D models, videos, audios, animations, experiments, and simulations.
  • Science Bits enhances student motivation and makes concept comprehension easier by providing visual elements and interaction with the objects of learning.
  • Science Bits content promotes the educational use of computers or tablets by students. With Science Bits, these devices can either substitute traditional textbooks or become a complementary tool with a high educational value.
  • Science Bits is an easy and effective way to implement the constructivist 5E Instructional Model and a learning-by-doing method.
  • Science Bits’ user-friendly Intranet allows teachers to create groups of students, assign them tailored bundles of content, schedule exams, monitor student progress, and grade open-ended questions, among other features.
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