NEW: MSSC Representatives Announcement!

NEW: MSSC Representatives Announcement!

MSSC Ramps up Nationwide Salesforce at Community Level with 95 Technical Field Representatives in 50 States

MSSC is pleased to announce 12 new regional providers of all MSSC courseware–with 95 technical field representatives between them–providing MSSC “boots on the ground” in all 50 states. Follow this link for the list of these 12 service providers and the states they cover.


This added capacity brings MSSC training and certification programs to the local level nationwide. The services of these MSSC Reps will include the following:

  • Take and track orders for all MSSC courses
  • Provide guidance on using MSSC courses as either stand-alone or embedded in comprehensive curricula
  • Identify credit articulation agreements between community colleges and high schools
  • Provide tech support for the new hands-on MSSC Certified Production Technician Plus (CPT+) certification using the Amatrol “Skill Boss” training device. Click here for brochure.
  • Help build community support among key stakeholders
  • Represent MSSC at key meetings and conferences in every state

Our National Headquarter office will be sending follow-up information to existing MSSC users on how to connect with these new MSSC Reps. We will also be notifying our community of new MSSC certifications programs in manufacturing and logistics launching in 2018.


An industry-led- 501(c)(3) non-profit federally endorsed in 1998, MSSC is the national leader in preparing and assessing individuals with the industry-wide core technical competencies needed for front-line work in advanced manufacturing and logistics. MSSC is the only national certification body to be accredited under ISO Quality Standard 17024 (Personnel Certification) and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers for both manufacturing and logistics. MSSC delivers its courses and assessments through a nationwide network of some 2250 MSSC-trained instructors and 1350+ test sites.


Questions? Please contact Catherine Feeney, Marketing Manager, MSSC or phone 703-739-9000 x2222