Amatrol Announces NIMS Industrial Technology Maintenance Certifications

NIMS (The National Institute of Metalworking Skills) is a collaboration of the metalworking trade associations. It was created in 1995 to ensure that America’s workforce is competitive in the global metalworking industry. NIMS is the only standard accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Certification candidates must be prepared to demonstrate understanding and competency related to both theory and performance. Amatrol is introducing a set of NIMS Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) certifications that address the critical need for Skilled Maintenance Technicians in the workforce today.

This certification program has been developed to focus on 9 duty areas that prepare technicians for the problems that they face today and in the years to come. The interactive curriculum teaches industry knowledge, dynamic problem-solving, a variety of techniques for addressing problems, and industry-relevant procedures. Certifications cover all 9 ITM Duty areas through a combination of eLearning and other resources. Visit the NIMS product page for more information.

Duty Areas Covered by NIMS Certification

Certifications are available in the following 9 duty areas. You can find out more information about the individual courses and skills covered in each duty area on the NIMS product page.

  • Duty Area 1: Maintenance Operations
  • Duty Area 2: Basic Mechanical Systems
  • Duty Area 3: Basic Hydraulic Systems
  • Duty Area 4: Basic Pneumatic Systems
  • Duty Area 5: Electrical Systems
  • Duty Area 6: Electronic Control Systems
  • Duty Area 7: Process Control System
  • Duty Area 8: Maintenance Welding
  • Duty Area 9: Maintenance Piping

These duty areas are fully stackable, enabling technicians to start working as they pursue certifications in additional duty areas.

Companies nationwide are actively seeking employees with ITM certification, and the NIMS certifications are designed to prepare the 21st-century workforce for the jobs that will drive the economy in the coming decades.

Visit our product page or contact your sales rep today for more information.