Snap Gauge – 99-PG2


Amatrol’s 99-PG2 Snap Gauge allows learners to take measurements with this highly precise gauge that is used throughout industry. Using Amatrol’s highly visual and interactive multimedia included with the 990-PG1, learners are taught where a snap gauge is used and how to use it properly. A snap gauge uses adjustable anvils to precisely measure a part’s features, such as its diameter, based on comparison to a master part to which it is calibrated. Adding this component to the Precision Gauging 1 Learning System, 990-PG1, increases the learner’s knowledge of industrial measuring devices.

The 99-PG2 includes a digital snap gauge and a master part turned to precisely 0.500”, which learners use to calibrate the device. As the learners work their way through the curriculum, they use the snap gauge to measure custom parts from the 990-PG1 that ensure a complete learning experience.

Key Features

Highly precise gauge
Adds to the 990-PG1
Increases the learner’s knowledge of industrial measuring devices

Additional Requirements

Portable Precision Gauging (990-PG1)

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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