Portable Pneumatics Learning System


Amatrol’s Portable Pneumatics Learning System (990-PN1) is a mobile option for bringing Amatrol’s topnotch products and world-class curriculum to environments that lack the space for full-size trainers or where trainers are needed in multiple facilities. The 990-PN1 allows learners to practice hands-on skills and study basic and intermediate pneumatic concepts, such as the application and operation of pneumatic cylinders, flow controls, directional control valves, air motors, and pressure gauges.

The 990-PN1 includes real-world pneumatic components mounted on a silkscreened panel for easy identification within a portable case that features wheels and a handle. Learners can use pneumatic hoses included with the system to create working pneumatic circuits from schematics and practice skills such as connecting and reading a flowmeter and operating a cam-operated sequence circuit. The portable pneumatics system maintains Amatrol’s standard of topflight quality within this new, highly adaptable product as a way to reach even more learners and continue transforming the global workforce one life at a time.

Study Pneumatic Components and Practice on Real-World Equipment

If desk space and a computer are available, the 990-PN1 can bring real-world pneumatics training to any environment. The 990-PN1 features a full array of pneumatic theory and skills packed into a powerful mobile workstation. Delivered via Amatrol’s world-class e-learning, the 990-PN1’s curriculum provides the same thorough explanation and instruction of pneumatic concepts found in printed manuals, but now they’re featured in this highly interactive format that features audio and graphical elements in addition to text. Major topic areas include various pneumatic circuits, air flow control, resistance, measurement, and many more.

As a specific example, learners will study the components, operation, schematic symbol, and applications of a 3/2 pneumatic directional control valve (DCV). Learners then implement this theoretical knowledge by practicing the hands-on skill of using a 3/2 manually-operated DCV to operate a single-acting pneumatic cylinder. The 990-PN1 utilizes industry-standard pneumatic components to familiarize learners with equipment they’ll encounter on job sites.

Pneumatic Maintenance

Because air is filled with dirt, pollen, and water vapor, pneumatic equipment may experience rusted pipes, worn parts, and broken seals if not properly and carefully maintained. On the 990-PN1, learners will study common sources of contamination, the importance of dew points and humidity in relation to pneumatic equipment, and the importance of eliminating air leaks, and then practice skills such as selecting and changing air filters, connecting and adjusting a lubricator, and calibrating gauges.

Portable Workstation

The 990-PN1 panel is housed within a durable storage case that features wheels and a handle for transportation, a lock for safety, and a storage pouch within the front cover for storing loose components. This efficient, portable product offers flexibility when a trainer is used at multiple facilities without sacrificing the quality that Amatrol is known for.

Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s unmatched multimedia utilizes text, audio, and stunning 3D animations that engage learners in both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. This thorough, exceptionally detailed curriculum is built to begin with the basics and steadily advance to more complex concepts and skills. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading edge educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge and applied skills needed to train learners to work in their chosen field.

Student Reference Guide

A sample copy of this course’s Student Reference Guide is included with the learning system. Sourced from the multimedia curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfect-bound book. If you would like to inquire about purchasing additional Student Reference Guides for your program, contact your local Amatrol Representative for more information.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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