Portable Motor Control Learning System


Amatrol’s Portable Motor Control Learning System (990-MC1) features standard industry components like a 3-phase AC squirrel cage motor and uses 3-phase AC for power and 24 VDC for control all packed within a space-saving, portable product. Learners use these industrial components to study the operation, installation, and applications for electric relay control of AC motors. The 990-MC1 also includes lockout/tagout components to teach vital safety steps when working with industrial motors. Electronic fault insertion can be added to the 990-MC1 to teach valuable troubleshooting skills that will prepare learners for real-world problem solving.

Nowhere else can you find this breadth of training in a portable platform! Motor Control is prevalent in all industries, from conveyor control to driving large utility pumps. The 990-MC1 builds both knowledge and skills across topics like manual motor control, control ladder logic, motor starters, and automatic input devices. This innovative approach to bringing motor control training to wherever you need is one example of why Amatrol is the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning.

Build Motor Control Skills Anywhere!

Developing real-world skills takes practice on industry relevant components and systems. The 990-MC1 includes the most commonly used 3-phase AC squirrel cage motor used in industry as well as other industry-standard components, such as a drum switch, reversing motor contactors, a pressure switch, and a float switch, so that learners can practice skills on mechanisms that they’ll actually see in the field.

Interactive Motor Control Multimedia

Beginning at the foundation of motor control knowledge, the 990-MC1’s extensive multimedia curriculum builds off of the basics to advance to topics such as three-wire start/stop control, reversing magnetic motor starter, and on-delay and off-delay timers. As the learner completes each new topic, they’ll use this theoretical knowledge to complete hands-on skills. As an example, learners will study about the function, operation, and types of a control relays and then practice hands-on skills by actually connecting and operating a control relay in a circuit.

Mobile, Compact, Durable

The 990-MC1 is set within a durable ABS plastic case featuring wheels and a handle so that moving this world-class trainer from one destination to another is safe and easy. Another advantage of the 990-MC1 is the minimal set-up time. Once the case’s cover is removed, the trainer sits upright on the training surface.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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