Mechanical Drives Learning Systems


The model 950-ME1 Mechanical Drives 1 Learning System teaches fundamentals of mechanical transmission systems used in industrial, agricultural, and mobile applications. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to operate, install, analyze performance, and design basic mechanical transmission systems using chains, v-belts, spur gears, bearings, and couplings.

The model 950-ME1 includes a mobile workstation, motor control unit, mechanical transmission components, specialized tools, prony brake load device, performance measurement instruments, student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s guide. This system uses industrial quality components to help assure that students are better prepared for what they will encounter on the job and to withstand frequent student use.

The mobile workstation is constructed of heavy-duty welded steel and provides a precision-machined, thick work surface made of tooling plate material to enable students to perform precise shaft alignments. Holes are pre-drilled in the work surface by a CNC machine to enable students to quickly set up a variety of applications.

Most components are conveniently stored on panels with silk-screened outlines to enable students to quickly locate and return them to their stored locations. Ample panel storage is provided overhead and underneath the work surface to permit the addition of the many optional panels available. Other components are stored in the industrial-quality tool storage cabinet located at one end of the workstation.

Safety is emphasized throughout the curriculum using lockout/tagout, safety disconnect switch, and rotating machine guards.

The 950-ME1 System features the unique ability to measure the performance of each mechanical transmission setup, showing students the effects of proper alignment and how to obtain best efficiency. The system includes a prony brake that places a variable load on each setup and instrumentation that measures speed, torque, and current.

The 950-ME1’s mobile workstation is 84 inches long and includes two identical work areas to support as many as four students working in pairs at one time. Additional components are available to support a 4-student configuration by selecting the Model 95-ME1-A 2-Student Add-On Mechanical Drives 1 System and the 95-ME1-B Enhanced 2-Student Add-On Mechanical Drives 1 System.

Additional panels are also available to extend the learning capabilities of the 950-ME1 System to levels 2, 3, 4, and beyond. With these additional panels, the 950-ME1 System provides the most extensive range of component coverage ever provided in a mechanical trainer. Examples include 7 types of couplings, 6 types of belt drives, 3 types of chain drives, and 4 types of bearings!

Multimedia Curriculum Available

Amatrol’s unmatched multimedia utilizes text, audio, and stunning 3D animations that engage learners in both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. This thorough, exceptionally detailed curriculum is built to begin with the basics and steadily advance to more complex concepts and skills. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading edge educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge and applied skills needed to train learners to work in their chosen field.

Student Reference Guide

A sample copy of this course’s Student Reference Guide is included with the learning system. Sourced from the multimedia curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfect-bound book. If you would like to inquire about purchasing additional Student Reference Guides for your program, contact your local Amatrol Representative for more information.

Key Features

4-Student Option-84-in Bench
Double-Sided Work Station
Wide Range Of Component Options
Industrial Standard Components
Heavy Duty Precision-Machined Worksurface
Component Storage Panels
Machine Load Devices
System Performance Measurement
Industrial Safety Procedures With Lockout/ Tagout

Product Options

Mechanical Systems Level 1 Multimedia
Mechanical Drives 2 Learning System (95-ME2)
Laser Shaft Alignment Learning System (95-ME2A)
Mechanical Drives 3 Learning System (95-ME3)
Mechanical Drives 4 Learning System (95-ME4)
Roller-Pack Machine Tool Axis Learning System (95-ME4-A)
Plain Bearing Machine Tool Axis Learning System (95-ME4-B)
Floor-Standing Belt Conveyor Learning System (95-ME4-D)
Machine Tool Chip Conveyor Learning System (95-ME4-E)
Vibration Analysis Learning System (95-ME5A)
Vibration Analysis Learning System (95-ME5AI)

Additional Requirements

Hand Tool Package (41210)
Electricity (120 VAC/60 Hz/1 phase)

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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