Locktronics is a range of products that simplifies the process of learning and teaching electricity and electronics. The core range consists of more than 200 electronic components ⟨ANSI and DIN⟩ mounted on rugged plastic carriers which are printed with the corresponding circuit symbol. Students use the carriers, in conjunction with a baseboard with interconnecting metal pillars to build up a working circuit, then use the worksheets provided to carry out experiments. All solutions are provided in sturdy storage solutions and with up to date curriculum always available online. Solutions are designed to be used 1 kit between 2 students. A demo panel is also available.

Why Choose Locktronics

  • Makes learning easier
  • Extensive free curriculum
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Covers range of subject areas
  • Vast range of components
  • Sturdy storage for solutions
  • More instruments available
  • Minimal assembly required

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