Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator


The Simlog Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator is designed to support a wide variety of training needs and resources. Use your own PC or the Simlog PC bundle that comes with simulator software already installed. Industrial strength hydraulic excavator controls can be mounted on a table top or on Simlog’s Operator Chair.

Simlog’s virtual environment provides the opportunity for extensive hands-on training. Hours of experience in the simulator translate into greater familiarity with excavator controls and confidence when the trainee begins working in real-world situations. This decreases workplace safety risk and increases the proficiency of individuals completing your training program.

Simulator Controls and Setup

The Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator comes with joysticks just like the ones that operate live machinery. Mount the joysticks on the Simlog Operator Chair, or use Simlog’s table mount brackets to position the controls just as like a real hydraulic excavator.

Optional pedals complete the setup recreating authentic excavator controls for the virtual environment.

Simlog simulators can be used with a variety of screen configurations depending on space and skill level.

Option 1- A single wall-mounted


Option 2- Three displays in landscape mode


Option 3- Three displays in portrait mode

Training that Delivers ROI

Simlog’s low cost of ownership delivers true ROI for your training program. After the initial investment, the software and hardware setup can be used for unlimited trainees at a much lower cost than training on real hydraulic excavators or expensive software tools that require a license for each trainee.

In addition to decreased training cost, the Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator decreases your liability by developing operator skills before they start to work with real equipment and all of the workplace safety concerns that go along with that.

Training Modules

Simlog’s training modules increase in difficulty, building on skills gained in previous modules to provide comprehensive training for hydraulic excavator operators.

  • Module 1: Controls Familiarization
  • Module 2: Excavator Positioning
  • Module 3: Raking the Green, for coordinating the movements of the boom, stick, and bucket
  • Module 4: Over the Moon, that adds the coordinated movement of the swing
  • Module 5: Bench Climbing/Descending
  • Module 6: Trench Crossing, with “boom jacking”
  • Module 7: Single-Pass Dig and Dump
  • Module 8: Trenching
  • Module 9: Trench and Load
  • Module 10: Bench Loading with Truck Spotting
  • Module 11: Bench Loading with Truck Spotting – Boulders
  • Module 12: Ramp Building

Key Features

  • Made-to-measure, with dedicated slots for levers, joysticks, pedals, steering wheel, and tabletop mounting brackets
  • Space for a laptop PC, cables, and documentation
  • Pull-out handle, with multiple positions
  • Wheels (casters)
  • Cases are “stackable,” for easy transport


  • Overall dimensions: 30″ (76cm) x 24″ (61cm) x 19″ (50cm)
  • Approximate weight: 50 lbs. (23 kg) when empty, up to 100 lbs. (46 kg) when full (depending upon the Replica Controls)


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Manufacturer: Simlog
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