Fanuc ROBODRILL Certified Education Packages


Four packages to choose from!

Because of its versatility the FANUC ROBODRILL can be used in many different fields. The machine has been successfully used for high volume production in the automotive and electronic sectors, medical tools and implants, watch and jewelry industry and also for mold and tool making. The high reliability and the long life of the ROBODRILL are guaranteed due to the robust and uncomplicated construction of the machine.

Due to the high speed cutting with FANUC 31i-B series of controls it is very easy to quickly machine precision parts with high accuracy. Because of the stiff machine construction, the ROBODRILL provides efficient and accurate machining operations like face milling, end milling and drilling. The possibility to machine multiple face operations makes it the best application for machining automotive parts.

The combination of the 10.4” screen, quick screen and the full keyboard makes it possible to input data with minimal time and effort.

An additional standard PCMCIA card slot is located next to the screen and makes it very simple to use CF cards.

The main benefits of the ROBODRILL are:

  • Fast and reliable tool change mechanism
  • Tool change time 1.6s chip to chip
  • Revolving Turret with up to 21 tools
  • Latest FANUC servo motor technology
  • .004mm bi-directional repeatability

Acceleration and deceleration will be optimized as the control will read 30 blocks ahead in the AICCII mode. In this way the part can be machine extremely fast and precise.

Robodrill Standard Equipment & Software

  • Control unit FANUC Series 31i-B
  • Coordinate system rotation
  • Custom macro
  • Background editing
  • Basic controlled axes 3 axes(X,Y,Z)
  • Tool life management
  • Canned cycles for drilling
  • Quick editor
  • Simultaneously controlled axes – 5-Max.
  • Production control counter
  • Tool compensation memory C (D/H code, Tool geometry/wear)
  • Tool compensation memory C (D/H code, Tool geometry/wear)
  • Part program storage size (512Kbyte)
  • Setup file
  • Addition of workpiece coordinate system (48 pairs)
  • Rapid traverse bell-shaped acceleration/deceleration
  • Number of registerable programs (1000)
  • Stroke limit check before move
  • Helical interpolation
  • Reader/puncher interface
  • AI contour control
  • Stored stroke check 1,2,3
  • Machining Mode Setting
  • Ethernet interface
  • HRV control
  • Dual check safety
  • AI thermal displacement compensation (XYZ axes)
  • Background editing
  • Tool offset pairs 200-pairs
  • Custom PMC
  • Skip function
  • PCMCIA memory card port
  • Rapid traverse block overlap
  • Leakage Detection Function
  • Multi-step skip
  • USB port for USB memory
  • FSSB High speed rigid tapping
  • Smart Trouble Shooting Function
  • High-speed skip
  • I/O Link i
  • Retraction for rigid tapping
  • Control unit incorporated type display unit with 10.4″ color LCD (*1)
  • Hard Copy Parts Manual for ROBODRILL
  • Hard Copy Operators Manual for ROBODRILL & CNC.
  • Hard Copy Maintenance Manual for ROBODRILL and CNC
  • Hard Copy Operators Manual for MANUAL GUIDE I (Included Measurement Cycle)
Manufacturer: FANUC
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