TL-F20 Full Body Clean FANUC 1000

The CNC certification cart takes classroom training to a new level by allowing students to experience the complete programming, setup and operational workflow right inside the classroom.

Students write, edit and verify programs using the editors and 3D solid model animation in NCGuide. They then setup tooling and workplace offsets and make the part on a real machine while still in the classroom. When they move to the workshop, students are already experience in setup and operation – so the equipment is utilized more effectively, potentially reducing the number of machines required.

Take it anywhere portability.

The CNC certification cart is designed to be ultra-portable so it can be used in any classroom at any location – including satellite campuses, industry shops for onsite training and recruiting events.

It runs on 110VAC using the standard connection that is available everywhere. It has a fold back control mount and a small footprint to fit through standard 36″ doorways. It is light and is on wheels so it can be transported easily using standard pallet jacks and in elevators avoiding expensive rigging costs.

Industrial quality machine

The certification cart machine is designed for 24/7 industrial production of small parts in a variety of materials including brass, aluminum and soft steel. It is not your typical educational lab machine, rather it is an industrial quality machine. It features high-speed 17,000 RPM, 2HP liquid cooled spindle, a surprisingly large axis motion range (16.5″ x 8.5″ x 7.5″) and an integrated coolant system.

The eleven station automatic tool changer uses standard S20T tool holders that can accept a maximum tool size of 3/8″. It is programmed with the usual Txx M06 G-code and delivers a chip-to-chip tool change time of 8-seconds. An economic tool length sensor and a touch probe are available options for training on automated setup.

Check out the video to see it in action…

Manufacturer: FANUC
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