Electric Vehicle Lab


Our Electric Vehicle Technology lab aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain and repair Electric and Hybrid vehicles. We offer instruction at three levels:

          1. Complete Vehicle Systems

Through large panel trainers, students gain hands-on experience and understanding of the operation of entire EV and Hybrid Vehicle systems. They learn to measure performance during different modes of operation and troubleshoot common issues.

2. Common EV Sub Stations

Panel trainers offer students essential knowledge and hands-on troubleshooting experience with critical EV sub-systems, including:

            • Motors and Drives
            • Batteries
            • Charging Systems

3. EV Electrical and Electronics Fundamentals

A desktop training system delivers focused instruction and practice in the essential skills necessary for students to successfully complete their studies.

Content Covered Includes:

            • Circuit Protection
            • Conductors, Insulators, and Earth Return
            • Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power Calculations
            • DC and AC Signals… and much more!

A typical Electric Vehicle Technology skills lab setup may include resources such as:



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