Automatics is a range of products that simplifies the process of teaching and learning about pneumatic and automation systems. The Automatics range has been designed to suit the classroom environment. The pneumatic components are identical to those used by real engineers, but have been cleverly adapted so that students can construct automation systems speedily and without tools. There are around 30 separate rugged components in the range, each one mounted on a clear acrylic carrier which is marked with the appropriate pneumatic or electrical symbol. Students mount the components on to the stable aluminium platform using plastic ‘tee’ bolts and connect the components together with nylon tubing to build working pneumatic circuits. Automatics solutions fit into many different disciplines as they can be used to teach Technology/Computer science, Basic engineering and Mechanical engineering. Solutions are packed in rugged plastic trays and include power supplies where necessary and generous quantities of ‘consumables’ such as pneumatic tubing and fixings. Add-on packs are also available that are designed to extend the features of your core solution.

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Manufacturer: Matrix
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