Workforce Training: Oil & Gas Maintenance


Maintenance Training for the Oil and Gas Industry!

The Oil and Gas Industry provides the fuel that keeps the world moving forward and connects us in previously impossible ways.

Through competency-based, real-world training, Amatrol provides the fuel for present and future workforce members to move forward in their careers and connect to industries that need them.

Offering unmatched depth and breadth of training, Amatrol’s Oil and Gas Program builds industry-relevant competencies using world-class simulators featuring industry-standard components and highly interactive curriculum. The Oil and Gas Program covers vital areas such as electrical, electronics, instrumentation and process control, and mechanical training.

Job-Ready Competencies

Amatrol’s courses build job-ready competencies through strong theory immediately reinforced with hands-on applications. Amatrol’s layered approach starts with basic concepts and allows the learner’s confidence in their skills to grow as they progress on to more advanced topics.  For example, the hydraulics curriculum takes the learner through basic skills such as how to identify directional control valves to advanced skills such as hydraulic system troubleshooting. A sample of careers that will find this program valuable include pipefitters, welders, process engineers, process technicians, machinery technicians, and machinery engineers.

Flexible, Cutting-Edge Multimedia Curriculum Engages Learners

Amatrol’s cutting-edge multimedia is a competency-based instructional design that is built to meet your needs! Featuring eye-popping graphics, 3D simulations, text, audio, and strong interactivity, we’ve built our courses to meet all learning styles. Additionally, these courses are exceptionally flexible, not only providing 24/7 access through our eLearning web portal, but also offering the ability to be used in a traditional classroom environment or by individual learners. Courses can also be customized by combining different segments from separate courses into a unique curriculum that meets your specific training needs.

Get Hands-On Practice with Amatrol’s Simulators!

Amatrol’s simulators are designed and built in-house to ensure the highest quality product. Our simulators feature heavy duty, industrial-grade components so that learners actually study and practice with the actual components that they will see on the job. This commitment to real-world accuracy helps learners build confidence in their newly acquired skills.

Troubleshooting with Real World Applications

Amatrol’s FaultPro, a computer-based fault insertion system used on several troubleshooting simulators, allows for the automatic insertion of faults to teach learners troubleshooting skills without the risk of damaging the equipment. FaultPro is also used by instructors to instantly set and tailor faults to identify a learner’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Amatrol is the only manufacturer of technical training equipment to offer automatic fault insertion. In addition to automatic fault insertion, Amatrol incorporates many types of applications and load devices, both inertial and friction types, to help teach troubleshooting under realistic industrial conditions. Extensive instrumentation is used to measure torque, speed, current, pressure, flow, and voltage, further enhancing the troubleshooting learning experience for students.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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