Solar Thermal Closed-Loop Troubleshooting Learning System


Installing and maintaining solar thermal closed-loop systems require hands-on skills and troubleshooting ability across both drainback and pressurized systems. Likewise, engineers and designers need to understand the technologies used in these systems as well.

Amatrol’s 950-STCL1 Solar Thermal Closed-Loop Troubleshooting Learning System (shown at right with optional sun simulator attached) allows students to develop the specialized skills and knowledge needed for working with the two common types of thermal closed-loop systems: drainback and pressurized. The 950-STCL1 teaches students connection, operation, programming, and troubleshooting of both drainback and pressurized systems. The curriculum is PC-based multimedia that is highly interactive. It allows students to use the learning style best for them – reading, listening, or visual. The 950-STCL1 supports the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) test for Certified Solar Thermal System Installer.

The 950-STCL1 includes all components needed to develop hands on, job-ready skills: all solar specific components as well as balance of system items. The learning system contains a mobile workstation, multiple component circuit panels, two solar collectors, fault insertion, PC-based multimedia student curriculum, and instructor’s assessment guide. An optional sun simulator is available to facilitate classes indoors when outdoor conditions do not support solar heating.

Fault Insertion For Both Electrical and Fluid Systems

At the heart of a technician’s skill set is the ability to troubleshoot a system. The 950-STCL1 is equipped with a wide array of both electrical and fluid faults that allow instructors to replicate realistic system and component failures. Students will learn to independently solve the many common types of situations they will encounter on the job.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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