Portable Pneumatics Troubleshooting Learning System – 990-PTB1


Amatrol’s Portable Pneumatics Troubleshooting Learning System (990-PTB1) provides a skill-rich, portable troubleshooting system for basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits. This system’s value is twofold: first it provides vital training experience for learners and professionals that will perform industrial maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting on pneumatic systems used in real-world automation machinery, packaging equipment, pharmaceutical applications, chemical handling tasks, and more. Secondly, this system features industry-standard valves, switches, and gauges all within a portable learning system that can be placed on a conference room table, shop floor desk, or practically anywhere when training space is limited.

The 990-PTB1 features directional control valves, flow control valves, limit switches, a programmable logic controller, and FaultPro software, Amatrol’s electronic fault insertion software. These industrial components will be used to study troubleshooting topics for air preparation, pneumatic actuators, vacuum systems, pneumatic systems, and more all within an innovative, portable solution that doesn’t sacrifice the comprehensive knowledge and skill building for which Amatrol is known.

Practice Hands-On Pneumatic Troubleshooting Skills with the 990-PTB1

The 990-PTB1 includes four directional control valves, two double acting cylinders, six flow control valves, a vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, multimeter, and S71200 Siemens PLC all within a portable learning system. Learners will use these components to perform skills such as troubleshooting a variety of components via an in-circuit test. These components include: filters, cylinders, flow control valves, and quick exhaust valves. Learners will also practice troubleshooting low pressure, high pressure, actuators that move out of sequence, and actuator speed.

Comprehensive Troubleshooting Curriculum in a Stunning Multimedia Format

This system includes a comprehensive curriculum of pneumatic troubleshooting topics including symptoms of lubricator failure, the function of a rotary actuator, symptoms of vacuum switch failure, and how to troubleshooting zero pressure. The 990-PTB1’s curriculum is presented in a highly interactive multimedia format. This multimedia features stunning 3D graphics and animations, audio voice overs of the text, and interactive quizzes and activities to fully engage the learner in vital pneumatic troubleshooting concepts.

Fault-Pro: A World-Class Troubleshooting Teaching Tool

990-PTB1 uses FaultPro, an electronic fault insertion system that is only available from Amatrol, to insert 30+ faults into the system for troubleshooting. During the learning process, FaultPro allows learners to insert faults in the system as they progress through the step-by-step procedures learning industrial troubleshooting methods. Then, FaultPro can be set to randomly select and insert a fault to test a learner’s troubleshooting abilities and prepare them to solve real-world technical problems once they’re in the field.

The 990-PTB1: Mobile, Durable, Compact Learning System

Set within a durable ABS plastic case, the 990-PTB1 features wheels and a handle to create a mobile training platform that can be used to deliver training where needed and that’s easy to store and transport. The cover is quickly removed to enable the case to sit firmly upright on a table surface for any learner to use.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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