Portable Mechanical Drives 1 Learning System 990-ME1


Amatrol’s Portable Mechanical Drives 1 Learning System (990-ME1) covers the fundamentals of mechanical transmission systems and applications, such as how to: operate, install, analyze performance, and design basic mechanical transmission systems using chains, vbelts, spur gears, bearings, and couplings. These fundamentals can be applied to a variety of applications within the automotive, agricultural, and power industries.

The 990-ME1 includes: a tabletop mounting work surface; a drive motor; a variety of components for belt, chain and gear drives; a digital tachometer; a mechanical load device; and an alignment package. This system uses industrial quality components to help assure that learners are better prepared for what they will encounter on the job and to withstand frequent use. These components will be used to cover major mechanical drives topics like shaft speed measurement, key fasteners, power transmission systems, belt drive concepts, chain tensioning, and gear backlash. The 990-ME1 features the ability to setup various drive systems, showing learners the eff ects of proper alignment and how to obtain best efficiency.

Real-World Mechanical Drive Training in a Portable System

The 990-ME1 includes: an aluminum tabletop mounting work surface with raised mounting feet and lifting handles; a single phase, 1/3 HP drive motor with safety guard; belt drives; chain drives; gear drives; and much more! The aluminum tabletop workstation provides a precision-machined work surface enabling learners to perform precise shaft alignments. Mounting locations are pre-drilled in the work surface by a CNC machine to enable learners to quickly set up a variety of drives. As a sample of this system’s competency building, the 990-ME1 allows learners to practice skills like: mounting an electric motor and correcting for soft foot condition; install and align a flexible jaw coupling; adjust belt tension; measure chain sag; and calculate gear ratio.

Stunning Multimedia Curriculum Covers Key Fasteners, Spur Gear Drives, and Many More Power Transmission Systems Topics!

The 990-ME1 features world-class mechanical drives curriculum that will give learners a comprehensive understanding of how to operate, install, and analyze mechanical drives and how they are used in real-world applications. Learners will study topics like: the function and construction of a bedplate; four types of shaft material; the operation of a fractional HP V-belt drive; how to determine allowable chain sag for a given application; and methods of measuring spur gear backlash, just to name a few. This curriculum is presented in a stunning interactive multimedia format. The multimedia features spectacular 3D animations and graphics, voiceovers of all text, videos, and interactive quizzes and activities.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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