Motion Control Learning System 2-Axis


Motion control is used where conventional motor control, using discrete inputs and outputs, cannot achieve the accuracy needed to produce a product. This applies to a wide range of industries that need to meet market demands for greater system throughput and improved output quality and precision. Some of these industries include automotive, energy, medical, petroleum, printing, and packaging. A good example of motion control is an offset printing press that uses four motors to print four separate colors on a page and another motor to turn the feed roll. A motion controller sends acceleration and velocity commands to each motor to control its speed, torque, and rotor position. At the same time the motion controller monitors these parameters and adjusts the output as needed to create a legible color image on the page.

Amatrol’s 890-MCSE2 teaches the skills required to understand and maintain the sophisticated applications so commonly found in modern industry. The motion control action may be as simple as opening and closing a valve or as complex as controlling multiple axes on a CNC machine. Amatrol’s motion control learning system is self-contained and teaches students to control both single and multiple axes. It allows students to learn industry-relevant skills including how to create, navigate, configure, operate, maintain, and apply motion control systems.

The 890-MCSE2 system provides instruction in motion control for a multiple axis system, including set-up, operation, programming, and multi-axis synchronization and control. It includes a tabletop workstation, multiple single axis drives, motion controller with control programming software, tensioning kit, synchronization kit, registration kit, timing kit, communication cables, lockout/tagout kit, student curriculum, and instructor’s assessment guide.

Reliable, Industry Standard Components and Features

Amatrol’s motion control solution contains two single-axis drives and a controller that are common in industry. The 890-MCSE2 includes fast control loop response time, five modes of motion – point-to-point, current regulation, speed regulation, electronic gearing, and manual mode, and communication via CANopen automation where new references are updated in one millisecond.

Learners Study Skills In Motion Control Programming

The 890-MCSE2 Motion Control Learning System includes integrated software that allows learners to develop solid programming knowledge. This is essential for controlling and setting up applications. The programming software has strong development capabilities, including configuration, servo drive adjustment and diagnostics, controller adjustment and diagnostics, position registry data learning, axis operating modes, manual control management, positioning tasks, cam profiles, backup and recovery of profiles, IEC 61131 compliant programming editor, machine signature recording, and program code protection.

World-Class Curriculum that Integrates Knowledge and Skill-Building

The 890-MCSE2 features world-class motion control curriculum with a stunning breadth and depth of topics and skills. The curriculum begins with motion control fundamentals and safety and then advances to multi-axis motion control, motion control camming, and synchronized motion. Integrated within this theoretical knowledge, learners will practice industry-relevant skills such as configuring and programming a real master axis/real slave axis motion control gearing project and program and interpret structured text in a wind/unwind motion control project. This learning system includes printed curriculum, but Amatrol now offers an optional online eBook version. These eBooks look like real books and allow users to flip between pages with ease. Enhanced with features such as keyword searches and zoom controls, eBooks enable learners to quickly locate and view information and make them a great learning tool.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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