Electrical Wiring Learning System 850-MT6B


Amatrol’s Electrical Wiring Learning System (850-MT6B) allows learners to study and practice electrical wiring skills like: installing control wiring in an electrical panel; installing wiring into limit switches, solenoids, and pressure switches; and understanding the importance of correct wire size, material, and insulation. The 850-MT6B is an invaluable system for careers like electricians and industrial maintenance technicians that wire control panels and operator panels on manufacturing machines. This learning system can also be used to form a strong foundation toward attaining numerous certifications.

The 850-MT6B includes real-world components such as a 3-phase motor, pushbuttons, switches, valves, and a 24VDC power supply all mounted on a mobile workstation. Learners will use these components to study areas like electrical control system wiring, pneumatic control circuit wiring, conductors, disconnects, and overcurrent protection. This combination of industrial components and comprehensive curriculum will reinforce electrical wiring concepts and skills and build up a learner’s confidence and competence.

Hands-On Electrical Wiring Skills on a Mobile Workstation

The 850-MT6B includes heavy-duty industrial components such as a 3-phase, 1/3 HP motor; disconnect switch; side rotary limit switch; manual shut off valve; emergency stop button; push-to-test buttons; and much more all on a mobile workstation! These industrial components can be used to practice an array of hands-on skills like installing a terminal block in an electrical panel; splice motor leads using ring lug connectors; bundle wires in an electrical panel; manually operate an electro-pneumatic valve; and select circuit protection for an application. These real-world components will allow learners to gain confidence and competence in working with equipment they’ll actually see on the job.

Comprehensive Wiring Skills Build a Foundation Toward Certification

The 850-MT6B’s curriculum provides a comprehensive lesson on the function, operation, installation, and construction of electrical wiring and wiring components, as well as forms a strong foundation toward pursuing certifications. This course specifically covers topics such as learning the function of electrical prints, how to select a terminal block for an application, methods used to identify wires that are run between panels, methods to connect wires to terminal screws, the common line and component symbols used in pneumatic schematic diagrams, and common types of disconnects. This learning system’s curriculum is presented in a stunning interactive multimedia format that features 3D animations, graphics, text with audio voice-overs, and much more!

Expanded Electrical Wiring Skill-Building Options!
In addition to all of the electrical wiring skills and exercises provided by the 850-MT6B, this learning system offers several optional add-ons to expand the real-work skill-building opportunities. These options include VFD/PLC Learning System (85-MT6BA), Industrial Soldering Learning System (85-MT6BB), and HMI Wiring Learning System (85-MT6BC). The 85-MT6BA will cover how to wire a VFD and PLC to a control panel. The 85-MT6BB will include soldering equipment and components commonly used in electrical connections within a control enclosure. The 85-MT6BC teaches wiring an HMI, analog wiring, and Ethernet cabling into a control panel mounted PLC.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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