Electric Motor Troubleshooting Learning System


The Motor Troubleshooting Learning System (85-MT2E), used in conjunction with the Basic Electrical Machines Learning System (85-MT2), covers the testing and troubleshooting of AC and DC motors using a multimeter and a megger meter. The skills and knowledge covered by this learning system will prove invaluable for industrial maintenance technicians or anyone working in a field that uses AC and/or DC motors. This system covers major topics like AC and DC motor failures, common methods of diagnosing these failures by using a multimeter and megger meter, and troubleshooting these failures.

The 85-MT2E includes a motor connection box to practice hands-on skills such as troubleshooting faults in a DC motor and AC single-phase and three-phase motors, evaluating DC electric motor commutator and brush health, and using a multimeter to test an AC motor start/run capacitor. Amatrol’s learning systems feature real-world, industry-grade components for durability that will stand up to frequent use and to allow learners to gain real-world competencies. This learning system requires the 85-MT2, a digital multimeter, and a megger meter.

Hands-On Motor Troubleshooting Skills with Real-World Applications

The 85-MT2E features a motor connection box that, when used in conjunction with the 85-MT2, a multimeter, and megger meter, allows learners to practice hands-on motor troubleshooting skills. This learning system covers a wide variety of areas where failures can occur within AC motors (bearing failure, start windings, centrifugal switch, thermal switch) and DC motors (couplings, brushes, armature, field winding, and power supply). This array of topics allows learners to gain confidence and competence when practicing applicable hands-on skills and to see how they translate to real-world situations.

Comprehensive Knowledge on How to Test, Diagnose, and Troubleshoot AC and DC Motors

The 85-MT2E’s curriculum begins by explaining common types of AC and DC motor failures and causes and builds by allowing learners to study how to test, diagnose, and troubleshoot these problems. Specific objectives include listing common failures of a three-phase AC motor’s stator windings, understanding common methods used to diagnose DC motor failures, and using a megger meter to test a DC electric motor armature. The included curriculum is interactive multimedia that can be used for classroom teaching or self-paced learning. This multimedia features stunning 3D graphics and videos, voiceovers of the text, and interactive quizzes and exercises.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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