Alien Go


Through Technical Training Aids, Stokes Robotics presents AlienGo, the advanced successor to A1, designed for autonomous navigation, surveillance, and exploration tasks. Alien Go’s capabilities extend to professional, industrial, research, and teaching environments, offering a comprehensive platform for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Size and Performance
    • AlienGo boasts twice the size of its predecessor, enhancing its stability and capacity to handle demanding tasks.
  • High-Level Sports Performance
    • Designed for agility and efficiency, AlienGo delivers high-level sports performance, ensuring swift and precise movements.
  • Skeleton and Gesture Recognition
    • Equipped with advanced AI capabilities, AlienGo can recognize human skeletons and interpret gestures, enhancing its interaction abilities.
  • Payload Capacity
    • With a payload capacity of over 20 pounds, AlienGo can carry and deploy a variety of tools and equipment for diverse missions.
  • Depth Vision and 3D Environment Construction
    • AlienGo’s depth vision enables accurate perception of its surroundings, facilitating real-time 3D environment construction for navigation and mapping.
  • Probability Map and Dynamic Object Perception
    • Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, AlienGo creates probability maps and dynamically perceives objects in its environment, ensuring efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance.
  • Loop Detection and Visual SLAM
    • AlienGo employs loop detection techniques and Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, leveraging its 3D vision to accurately map locations and navigate complex terrains.

AlienGo from Stokes Robotics represents a leap forward in autonomous robotics, blending cutting-edge technology with practical applications. With AlienGo, the possibilities for exploration, surveillance, and problem-solving in various environments are endless, paving the way for innovative solutions and collaborative ventures in robotics and automation.

Manufacturer: Stokes Education
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