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Training EquipmentHands-On Industrial Training Systems

DAC Worldwide is a world leader in technical training solutions for industrial skills. 

As a certified reseller, TTA offers DAC Worldwide’s full range of training and assessment systems, industrial cutaways, custom scale models, and custom courses to satisfy your training needs.

Technical Training Aids (TTA) is your local MINDS-i robotics kit reseller for classrooms in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Classroom Training for Industrial Careers

DAC Worldwide’s training program design and implementation has a logical, practical foundation in industrial experience. Your students can experience and solve common maintenance tasks from the safety of the classroom while learning on equipment that will transfer to real-world skills. DAC Worldwide focuses its industrial training equipment on the advanced manufacturing, process/chemical manufacturing, marine, military, oil and gas, and power generation sectors. TTA and DAC Worldwide offer 4 main types of industrial training equipment for schools:

Training Systems

DAC Worldwide’s training systems are designed to provide a realistic, hands-on learning experience in various industrial sectors. Each system has the look and feel of real equipment learners might encounter on the job. Built with full-size, industrial-quality components, as well as high-durability, powder-coated surfaces throughout, DAC Worldwide’s training systems allow for repeated use and rough handling.

With their formed-steel baseplates, training systems can fit snugly into one of DAC Worldwide’s workstations or be mounted on a tabletop. These task-specific systems aim to provide your students with realistic, hands-on training to perform effectively in the field.


Successful training must match real-world conditions as much as possible. DAC Worldwide’s industrial cutaways are real-world industrial components that have been restored, cut away, and refinished using durable urethane coatings. Your students will experience each cutaway as they were originally intended! 

Each cutaway is mounted on a modular, heavy-gauge steel baseplate and support assembly and uses low-speed manual operation.


DAC’s industrial models are based on industry equipment and include all primary features and components. The primary housing and secondary components are sectioned off into cutaways, allowing for easy viewing of internal components while visualizing assembly and disassembly procedures.

The life-like industrial models are conveniently sized and offer stunning realistic detail and color-coded flow paths, which will help prepare learners for rewarding industrial careers, such as maintenance technicians, machine operators, and more!


DAC Worldwide’s dissectibles give students first-hand experience disassembling, inspecting, and reassembling various industrial components. Students will encounter a realistic demonstration and training related to the design, operation, and shop maintenance of common industrial equipment.

All DAC Worldwide dissectibles can be mounted on a desktop or workstation for closer examination, simulated maintenance activities, and easy storage.

Your Local Industrial Training Aids Supplier

DAC Worldwide’s product line was developed by the experts, for the (future) experts, and is a great addition to any career and technical education (CTE) program. TTA partners with companies like DAC Worldwide to provide the best-of-the-best training tools to teach your students the core academic, employability, technical, and job-specific skills for a lucrative and successful career in several industries. 

Technical Training Aids is your local DAC Worldwide industrial training equipment dealer for schools, technical colleges, and universities in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Contact your local salesperson to learn more about industrial training equipment for your school.