Technical Training Aids Adds MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™

MakerBot SKETCH Hero

Technical Training Aids is thrilled to announce the addition of MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™ to the MakerBot line of 3D printers!

Developed by Makerbot, the global leader in desktop 3D printing, the SKETCH Classroom is a turnkey system that gives students access to 3D printing all while shaping the classroom for success. Makerbot looked at everything that is required to implement 3D printing in the classroom, and they found many hurdles that teachers struggle to get over.

  • Cost
  • Curriculum
  • Software
  • Certification

The SKETCH Classroom was designed to eliminate ALL of those hurdles. SKETCH includes 2 printers at a price that makes sense, and they built out the toolkit with everything needed to easily deploy this solution with your students.

  • Dual Printer Set-Up- MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™ gets you started with two printers to complete your classroom printing faster.
  • MakerBot Certification™- Certify your students in real-world problem solving through design-thinking and 3D printing.
  • MakerBot Cloud™- Make the classroom 3D printing experience even easier with our cloud-based, 3D printing file management software.
  • 600+ Certified Lesson Plans- Find lesson plans designed for grade levels and subjects applicable to your classroom and curriculum.
  • Heated and Flexible Buildplate- Reliable prints every time
  • Touch Screen Controls- Intuitive interface
  • Enclosed Chamber and Particulate Filter- Classroom-friendly

The MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™  provides two printers for one classroom making 3D printing faster and more accessible to students. The MakerBot Cloud™ feature allows students to easily submit designs and teachers to queue up their classroom’s prints. The SKETCH Classroom also gives educators and students an edge as STEAM leaders by working to improve design-thinking skills and providing hands-on printing training through the MakerBot Certification™ program. To top it all off, SKETCH Classroom offers over 600 Certified Lesson Plans that are designed to help educators integrate 3D printing into their curriculum adding a fresh and fun dynamic to education.

The two printers and additional programs and accessories will transform classrooms around the world and develop young students into innovators and leaders.

For more information on MakerBot SKETCH Classroom™, click the link below.

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