Wheel Loader Personal Simulator


The Simlog Wheel Loader Personal Simulator is the state-of-the-art heavy equipment training option that delivers ROI on your investment in training. This virtual wheel loader simulator provides valuable time at the controls of a wheel loader for your operator trainees, preparing them for the time when they take controls of a real wheel loader.

The wheel loader operator training software places operators at the controls of a virtual wheel loader working in a quarry. They interact with real world tasks and challenges like interacting with an off-highway truck. The software offers virtual environments and controls for large wheel loaders that are operated with a stick and small wheel loaders that are operated with a steering wheel. Operator trainees can use keyboard function keys or a mouse to change perspective so that they become familiar with how the wheel loader operates and interacts with obstacles in the job site. Install the Simlog Wheel Loader Personal Simulator on your own PC, or purchase the Simlog PC Bundle that comes with the software already installed.

Wheel Loader Virtual Controls and Operation

Industrial controls create a replica wheel loader operator environment. The USB joystick has 8 buttons for controlling the lift arm, bucket control, horn, throttle lock, and kickout programming.

Add the Logitech “G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel” for a steering wheel for small virtual wheel loader. Complete your simulator with a three-pedal unit and the “G920 Driving Force Shifter” with push-buttons to facilitate the full range of wheel loader operator controls.

The Simlog Operator Chair includes the tools and mounting options that you will need to customize your wheel loader operator environment for a variety of configurations. Table-mount options are also available using Simlog brackets that place controls in the appropriate position relative to the operator.

The Wheel Loader Personal Simulator software measures 45 Key Performance indicators to provide real time feedback on operator performance, productivity, and quality of work. Metrics like “Execution time,” “Mass of material spilled between digging and dumping,” “Time spent with bucket in digging zone,” and “Productivity of digging and dumping material” are measured in real time to provide insight into the operators progress.

Save Money on Heavy Equipment Training

There is no limit to the number of operators that you can train with the Wheel Loader Virtual Simulator. This virtual training environment will deliver ROI quickly as your training program saves on instructor cost, the cost of running real equipment during the training period, and liability due to inexperienced operator error. As you train more operators, the savings multiply since there is no incremental cost for each additional trainee.

Wheel Loader Operator Training Modules

Heavy equipment operator training modules increase in difficulty, with each module incorporating and extending the skills that the operator developed in previous modules.

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Corridor Driving – Wide
  • Corridor Driving – Narrow
  • Bucket Placement
  • Stockpiling
  • Truck Loading
  • Load & Carry
  • Truck Loading with Spotting

Key Features

  • Made-to-measure, with dedicated slots for levers, joysticks, pedals, steering wheel, and tabletop mounting brackets
  • Space for a laptop PC, cables, and documentation
  • Pull-out handle, with multiple positions
  • Wheels (casters)
  • Cases are “stackable,” for easy transport


  • Overall dimensions: 30″ (76cm) x 24″ (61cm) x 19″ (50cm)
  • Approximate weight: 50 lbs. (23 kg) when empty, up to 100 lbs. (46 kg) when full (depending upon the Replica Controls)


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Manufacturer: Simlog
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