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VRNA employs immersive virtual reality to enhance the efficiency and affordability of teaching patient care skills typically taught in labs. By supplementing traditional instruction, VRNA enables instructors to optimize their effectiveness, eliminate split attention in group activities, and maintain student engagement throughout the learning process. As a result, users benefit from an independent and active learning experience that allows them to practice patient care skills in a completely safe and risk-free virtual environment.


  • Aligned with patient care skills across all 50 states
  • Simulates daily tasks and facilitates the practice of clinical skills
  • Scenario-based modules for sequential skill development
  • Promotes collaboration through an immersive virtual environment
  • Provides instantaneous feedback and scoring within the virtual experience
  • Remote monitoring of student progress through Performance Portal™

For Teachers: 

  • Sequential modules for patient care skills in scenarios
  • Aligned content with patient care skills in all 50 states
  • Realistic simulations of direct-care scenarios
  • Objective performance assessments

For Students: 

  • Perform physical care tasks for learning and practice
  • Collaborate and practice in immersive environments
  • Receive instant feedback and scoring for learning and improvement
  • Remote progress monitoring through the Performance Portal


Empower Instructors: 

  • Teach patient care in a risk-free environment
  • Enable blended learning opportunities
  • Foster procedural competence in students
  • Streamline evaluation and progress tracking

Enhance Learning Efficiency:

  • Incorporate active micro-learning
  • Develop competency through repeated modules
  • Build skills and confidence with motor memory

Create Equitable Learning Opportunities:

  • Utilize data and reporting for equity assurance
  • Adapt with real-time reports on student skills and success
  • Facilitate individualized learning opportunities
  • Support accessible education programs for both in-person and distance learning

What’s in the VR Package?

  • Fully-equipped VR headset with preconfigured software and secure reporting portal access
  • Comprehensive 2-year software including reporting portal licenses with dedicated tech and user support
  • ‘Train the Teacher’ seminar, support resources, and on-call assistance

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Watch the video below to see the VRNA from VRSim in action!

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