Turbojet Engine Lab


MiniLabTM is a self-contained turbojet engine laboratory that’s utilized globally by hundreds of leading educational, research and testing institutions.

The systems National InstrumentsTM based data acquisition hardware and software displays and records compressor inlet temperature and pressure, turbine inlet temperature and pressure, turbine exit temperature and pressure, thrust and fuel flow and makes possible studies of:

  • Brayton Cycle
  • Compressor Performance
  • Turbine Performance – work & power, expansion ratio, turbine efficiency
  • Combustion/Emissions Analysis

TurbojetEngine inlet

All engine support systems are fully integrated. The system is easily rolled to any convenient location. No dedicated test cell or facilities modifications are required. The time between delivery and first run is measured in minutes. The included data acquisition system makes real-time engine data display and recording effortless. A CAD models software package is also available to support CFD, FEA, or other turbomachinery related analysis activities.

Equipped with the OneTouch™ Auto Start System, virtually anyone can operate the MiniLab™. Start sequencing is completely automatic with all critical engine parameters monitored during operation. In the unlikely event of an engine fault, the OneTouch™ system will stop the engine and alert the operator to the problem.

On-Board Jet Engine Data Acquisition (click image to enlarge)

turbojetMiniLab VIscreenshot

The pre-installed MiniLab™ Interactive Virtual Instrument (VI) Panel displays and records pertinent engine data for follow-on study. This LabVIEWTM generated VI offers a real-time graphical perspective of engine performance. All engine operating parameters are displayed clearly on the engine cutaway graphic.

Engine pressures, temperatures and fuel flow are displayed in digital data windows. Engine RPM and thrust are displayed on analog-style round meters for a neat visual cue (the readings are also displayed digitally below each meter).

The real-time plotting feature lets the operator plot any parameter on screen as it occurs to provide a clear sense of how the data is reacting to the actual system operating conditions. Operators can toggle between all the parameters to watch them graphically. Data logging functionality is conveniently controlled from the VI screen. All the jet engine power data can be observed and tracked through its full throttle range. System units can be changed with a simple click of the mouse. Feeding this interactive VI is data from the on-board National Instruments 6218 Data Acquisition System. That same data is also stored for later retrieval and analysis and the VI code is even open for user programming and customization!

As the original engine manufacturer, Turbine Technologies, LTD offers unparalleled end-user support. In use at hundreds of colleges, technical training and military installations worldwide.  MiniLab™ is the proven leader in Gas Turbine Education.

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