Steam Turbine Lab


RankineCycler™ is a fully instrumented, ready to operate steam-electric power plant. Primary components include an ASME certified, multi-pass boiler, axial-flow steam turbine, AC/DC generator and condenser tower.

The RankineCycler™ educational steam turbine power plant utilizes beautifully-crafted working components. Front and rear boiler doors open with push button ease, providing a clear view of flame tubes, the fuel nozzle, vortex generator and igniter.

Sensors are installed at all key locations and measure temperatures, pressures, fuel-flow rate and steam generator energy plant output. Signal outputs are conditioned and factory calibrated for “real-time” on-screen display, allowing students to complete many energy related experiments.

RankineCycler™… a truly unmatched value in hands-on enregy cycle analysis.

Included National Instruments virtual instrument with open source code for student manipulation

Click to enlarge the info sheet for the micro steam energy generator


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